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Battle Cry

Updated: May 5, 2012 10:21 am

The proven weapon of mud slinging is out as Himachal Pradesh prepares for assembly elections coming in November. The two main stakeholders have already started accusing each other of issues that were lying deep until date. The fresh controversy relates to Annadale ground in Shimla which is currently in the possession of the Indian Army. The army recently suggested that the state government was demanding to return of the Annandale land at the behest of land mafia. While the Army backed off terming its statement a “goof-up”, the chief minister is in no mood to oblige. Rather he seems to turn the issue into frankenstein. In a conference in national capital, a journalist asked for his frank opinion as to whose hand he smelt of triggering the controversy. To which the veteran BJP leader with utmost calm replied, “One who possesses a hand, can only misuse the hand.” For those who have little interest in politics, the clue to this quiz is—Congress’ symbol.

The “Accused” Judge

Having faced defeat by fair margin in the recently concluded UP election, the Congress party has set up a committee to analyze what went wrong and who should be penalised for the “unacceptable report card.” Remember that the Yuvraj was leading the election campaign in the state and even before the results were out, party leaders were hell bent on giving the credit (of what they then saw a spectacular come back) to Rahul Gandhi. With the results not in their favour, the steam waned out and the party started looking for black sheep. On this very issue, a senior party leader from the state of Uttar Pradesh was found narrating a story explaining the modus operandi employed by the High Command. He said once a UP bound train rammed into a bicycle stand and killed many people. As a result an enquiry commission was set up to prepare a detailed report as to who was guilty and what punishment should be extended to the person responsible for the disaster. The public was surprised and shocked to learn that the chairman of the commission was the train driver himself.

Too Good For Promotion

One who diligently performs his/her duty is only rewarded with more work. The statement not only holds ground at the ground level but is also relevant to the higher levels. The ones who are known for not doing any work get the Hot seat. Intelligent public should spare the hard working Prime Minister from this debate. There are several cases that could fit the bill, but the Finance Minister is undoubtedly the best example to the above statement. As the Congress is looking for candidates for The President, Pranab Mukherjee’s name was out rightly rejected as UPA chairperson said, “If he becomes President, who will run the government.”


The government at the Centre probably is not destined to live without controversies. Before one could be settled or fixed, there is a fresh one which is even bigger. The fresh one involves the one who is always ready to defend with all his legal acumen Congress Chief spokesman Abhishek Singhvi. Few media houses were recently delivered a seal packed CD. To their surprise it had objectionable content that could not be aired in its crude form considering the conservative society. A BJP leader who probably had watched the full 9 minute clip said, “ab public ko pata chalega ki kanoon ke sirf haath hi lambe nahin hote.” (now the public would know that the law not only has long hands…)

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