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Barbaric Taliban

By Deepak Kumar Rath
Updated: September 2, 2021 1:37 pm

President Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw all its troops from Afghanistan, after two decades of military presence in the region, has been met with uncertainty over the fate of Afghanistan. In fact, the invasion of the Taliban in Afghanistan raises many questions related to incidents of inhumanity, brutality and barbarism. After struggling under the shadow of American and Allied forces for almost twenty years, Afghanistan’s passing into the clutches of dark shadows of inhuman Taliban is not only worrying for the whole world, but it is also a harsh attack on humanity. What the Taliban is doing to establish a so-called Islamic power will hardly be admired in any corner of the world. The world is shocked and countries like India are hurt even more. The big question is, why did American forces leave Afghanistan after fighting the Taliban in this country for twenty years? The question is also that why are the superpowers, advocating for the protection of humanity in the world, maintaining a studied silence on this occasion? India has always been an advocate and protector of human values. Afghanistan was once a part of India, not on the basis of it, but on the basis of humanity, it has invested heavily there in the last twenty years. What will happen to India’s investments made in humanitarian aid, education, development, construction and energy sectors? No one has faith in the Taliban and right now everyone’s focus is on saving their citizens, and in the coming days, we have to think systematically about what to do against the Taliban who are hungry for power and money.

Against this backdrop, it is apt to mention that it is a matter of happiness that there is a safe return of Indian nationals from Afghanistan. The Government of India woke up late but now it is showing a lot of promptness. Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that Hindus and Sikhs of Afghanistan and Afghan brothers and sisters are welcome in India. By saying this, he has given new heights to the CAA law. What is more, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin over the issue of the unfolding situation in Afghanistan. Our representatives at the United Nations and the International Human Commission also clarified India’s point of view. Our Prime Minister and representatives did not mention the Taliban in their talks and speeches. Our PM said something very important. He said that we expect the government of Kabul would not give shelter to terrorism at all; it would not allow the land of Afghanistan to be used against any country. All these things that have been said from our side are absolutely correct. India, unlike China, has not blamed the US for its haphazard withdrawal and anarchy, nor has it launched any attack on Pakistan, although Pakistan has been using the Taliban against India in the past. The right policy for India at this time is to be constructive and cautious.



By Deepak Kumar Rath


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