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Balanced and Healthy Nature Diet

By Ramesh Kumar
Updated: October 5, 2020 11:07 am

The lifestyle changes and too much dependence upon gadgets in our life and eating unnatural food has caused a lot of damage to our health. It is high time to ‘ Return To Nature’ by adopting a balanced life style. The early age onslaught of old-age diseases is getting so common now-a-days. Keeping in mind the above concerns and taking right steps to correct the past, here is a diet plan

Remember once Mahatma Gandhi said in his book ‘Arogya ki kunji ‘ that we eat not for taste but to live to be energetic. He said “Man was not born a carnivorous animal, but born to live on fruits and herbs that the earth grows”. Moreover, taste is a mind game. The more tasty a food is, the more lifeless and toxic it gets.


Explore a new life Early morning

Take two glasses of plain warm water or with soaked Tulsi leaves along with lemon juice (1 or 1/2 teaspoon of honey can be added.).

One Hour before Breakfast

One hour before breakfast, take fresh juice of any one seasonal fruit (like apple/pomegranate or pineapple or orange ).  or take one glass vegetable juice freshly home made from spinach or bottle gourd or tomato or cucumber or red carrot. Optionally, you may add beetroot, amla, ginger, garlic and lemon. Or you can take green coconut water


  1. a) Sprouts made from mung, wheat, grams, moth, soybean corn etc. You may add raisins.
  2. b) Any one fruit (banana/papaya /water melon /pineapple /coconut ) or fresh vegetable salad.
  3. c) Eat one or two roti made from multigrain whole wheat atta with butter or eat porridge /daliya
  4. d) Drink one glass of warm milk (mixed with little turmeric powder /haldi) or garlic juice with Tulsi leaves.

Note : Avoid taking bread or sandwich in breakfast and replace it with roti.

Two hours after breakfast

Take buttermilk (one glass) two hours after breakfast or one glass green coconut water



Boiled vegetables (not in pressure cooker but under steam ). Choose any seasonal fresh vegetable (lauki/spinach /soya been / carrot/cabbage/ beans/ gourd/ tinda with beetroot /ginger/garlic/onion).

Make roti from choker wheat or multigrain wheat with choker, rice and dal (optional), yogurt 150 ml or buttermilk


In the evening by 5 pm take any one of them:

Green tea (made from Tulsi/ginger/ cinnamon /tea leaves ). Use jaggery in place of sugar or fruit juice (any seasonal one), one glass of  buttermilk.


Dinner (Take dinner two hours before bed )

Take vegetable soup (home made by semi boiling on low heat for 5 minutes without cooker, crush the vegetables, and sieve /filter to serve). Avoid salt.

Avoid roti and eat porridge or khichdi, boiled vegetable or daal, boiled, not fried, or you can take any one fruit (apple or pineapple) and vegetable salad, mixed in a plate..

Half an hour before going to bed

Take milk with little turmeric powder or little garlic juice or 10 to 12 pieces of large raisins/munakka with milk. You can add munakka in milk before warming the milk on low heat.



  • Drink warm water for rest of the day (average one glass of warm water every one hour).
  • Say no to — frozen food , ice cream or junk food or packed food, any tobacco product.
  • Give regular time for yoga, pranayam, and jal neti ( twice a week) and Vaman (twice a week ). n Take no medicines for common problems like cold, fever, skin eruptions, constipation etc. Contact nature healing/therapist if above problems continue beyond third day.\

By Ramesh Kumar

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