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Bakasur, A Demon Too Diabolical

Updated: October 19, 2013 2:15 pm

Bakasur, The Jumbo Criminal, as the title suggests itself, is a demon with a voracious appetite who gobbles everything he lays his hands on. This book delves deep into rampant corruption eating into the vitals of the nation and crippling its economy. The novelette, beyond an iota of doubt, gives a detailed insight into a system infested with corrupt practices and how the people in it are vying to race ahead with each other to be richer. The book, brimming with immoral earnings of politicos and police personnel, recounts anecdotes of busting rackets and exposing government officials, neck deep in the quagmire.

The book, eloquently authored by Dr N Dilip Kumar, an IPS officer who has taken up the cudgels for crusading against corruption, speaks volumes about police machinery, working hand in glove with the scum of the earth. The narrative format of storyline revolves around Shekher, an honest police officer and his family. He carried out a number of sting operations during his stint with Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Department where he caught on camera many high-ranking officials taking bribes. He apprehended, prosecuted and even got them convicted.

The read with hand-scribbled sketches reveals real instances the author has experienced at close quarters. It also talks about police nexus, how the police implicate one innocent and how money plays a role to drop or dilute sections. This is a page-turner. While you are flipping through a few pages of this book, it depicts the dark underbelly of life in the city of Delhi, which boasts of being a model city.

The plot is neatly written about the characters’ lives till the last page turns over. The lament for socio-economic inequalities and a resolution to a long-waged war against corruption is too loud. The tale also delineates how the CBI, an independent investigative agency, works for the party in power and how it goes slow on matters against the party at the Centre. The writer has smartly roped in Pradeep and Ravi, his nephews who come from Bhopal to visit the capital city. But they are hugely disappointed and depressed with the façade the city wears. They rather resolve to pursue a fight against corruption than follow the chalta hai type of attitude. Narrative style peppered with mild jokes sparks interest in readers. Language is limpid with an immaculate style of writing a prose.

I personally found the read worth reading for different frames clicked in a subtle manner for real performers in the book that essay the whole plot like one on one. The pace is rather slow but gripping. The novel also talks about an ocean of heads raising its voice against injustice and barbarism. The imagery employed by Dilip in writing is awesome. How the red beacon atop Ambassador corrupts even the sanest psyches sitting inside the car, a stinging satire the novel unfolds. The writer has woven a fine yarn in the tale and is intrepidly vocal about corrupt system that not only robs society of values and ethics but also annihilates the soul of a living being. It’s a calculative attempt to convert the mindset of new generation and instill in them the values to lead a life free of immoral practices so that they only can make it a better place to live in.

By Syed Wajid Ali

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