Monday, 16 September 2019

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  • Identify & Deport Illegal Infiltrators

    September 16, 2019 5:41 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

    The publication of the final National Register of Citizens (NRC) was made public last fortnight in Assam. The NRC has excluded names of 19,06,657 people. The idea behind creating the NRC was to protect the indigenous Assamese people and detect... View Article

  • ‘No First Use’ is Not Sacrosanct Need a Theatre-Specific Posture for Flexible Options

    September 16, 2019 5:39 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

    What would be the response of India if it comes across credible intelligence that Pakistan is preparing to launch nuclear-armed missiles as a means to escalate military hostilities? Would India wait for Pakistan to undertake a nuclear first strike, possibly... View Article

  • Tough Time Ahead  for P Chidambaram

    September 16, 2019 5:37 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

    In a big jolt to former Finance Minister – P Chidambaram, the Supreme Court most recently on September 5, 2019 in the notable judgment titled P Chidambaram Vs Directorate Of Enforcement in Criminal Appeal No. 1340 of 2019 (Arising out... View Article

  • Karnataka Politics: “…Treen, Treen; Hello, Hello… I am…Over-Hearing You…”

    September 16, 2019 5:34 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

    It is said that History repeats, first as a farce, then as a tragedy. After 31 years, the dreaded telephone tapping scandal has returned to haunt Karnataka politics. The allegations are the same but the actors are different. Ironically, the... View Article

  • Rajnath Singh’s Big Bang   

    September 16, 2019 5:31 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

    Not a single day goes these days when Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and his lackeys do not remind India and rest of the world that Pakistan is a nuclear weapon power and that any war against India will become... View Article

  • Worlds beyond stars

    September 16, 2019 5:31 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

    Famous Urdu poet Ilama Mohammad Iqbal who wrote ‘Sare jahan se achha Hindustan hamara’ also  wrote a beautiful Ghazal Sitaron se aage jahan aur bhi hain, abhi ishq ke imtihan aur bhi hain’. Certinly there are worlds beyond stars and... View Article

  • Indian Economy and Way Ahead

    September 16, 2019 5:30 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

    India’s GDP growth rate decelerated to a more than five-year low at 5% in the June quarter of 2019-20, against 5.8% in the March quarter. Depending upon which side of the ideological divide you are on, you either curse Modi... View Article

  • Not India Alone, It’s The Global Economy That Is Slowing Down

    September 16, 2019 5:27 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

    Even the West isn’t faring well. If it is Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ in the US, it’s Brexit in Europe that has led to a slowdown in the economy. Inflation in the Eurozone has remained below the 2 percent... View Article

  • Global trade war Blessing in disguise for India

    September 16, 2019 5:25 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

    Globalisation is a process in which various economies come together. It is the globalisation which has given a single global market. Economic globalisation helps people in many aspects of life such as jobs, food, health, prices of goods and services.... View Article

  • HINO (Hindus in Name Only) Syndrome

    September 16, 2019 5:23 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

    Somtime in 1991 my dad had heard in the Coffee Home at Connaught Place that there will be a Kashmiri Hindu Exodus seminar in South Delhi. Coffee Home in Delhi was the Facebook & WhatsApp of its time for Kashmiri... View Article