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Astrological Analysis of Election 2019

Updated: September 21, 2018 12:03 pm

Our country India is believed to be country of festivals and celebrations which are spread across all year. However, there is one festival of Democracy called Elections where we political parties select their candidates to fight elections and people of country elect them to govern them. Some call this event “Dance of Democracy”. Aim of this write up is to understand Astrological reasoning for this event to happen.

This is the analysis of general election expected in February 2019 on the prevailing conditions and circumstances? Let us now  try to see the situation astrologically by using the horoscope of India independence, Chaitra Mass ShuklPakshpratipada and horoscope of current Prime Minister ( Modi ji).



  1. Houses considered are:

(a) 10H: Ruling party is seen from here, name and fame of country.

(b) 4H: Representing Opposition parties in common terms.

(c) 1st and 8th H: 1st house indicates people in general; 8H indicates intricate planning which involves secrecy which many political parties involve in its strategy.

(d) 11H: It is the house of legislation. Election Commission declares dates by its notification and moral code of conduct comes into being.

(e) 6H: It is the House of competition.

India’s independence Chart:

Running dasha is of Moon/Jupiter— Moon in 3rd House with so many planets specially with Lagna Lord, 4th Lord and 10th Lord. Indicates updeshak( mins’knsusokyk) kind of Raja during the Moon’s dasha.

Jupiter AntarDasha —- Jupiter is 8th and 11th Lord sitting in the 4th House from the Moon and aspecting 10th house  from Moon. Jupiter is also aspected Mars who is 7th Lord (means coalition).


Also indicating polarisation. 

Transit –

Saturn who is 9th and 10th Lord transiting in Sagittarius aspecting its own 10th house . indicating connection of Dharm with Parliament and since aspect is from 8th house will lead to break in Mahagathbandhan in some places of India.

Jupiter – Jupiter will transit in Scorpio at the time of election from where it will aspect Lagna/Lagna Lord/4thLord/10th Lord and Moon again indicate polarisation. Thus may lead to updeshak kind of Raja.

CSP Chart–Chaitra Mass ShuklPakshpratipada

  1. Rahu is in cancer rashi a moveable rashi.
  1. Saturn is in dual rashi and afflicting Gemini and virgo.
  2. Mars will be in Capricorn till 1st week of November and again move into moveable sign on 23rd March 2019.
  3. Affliction to 1H, 10H, 6H,11H and 8H by natural malefics. Lagna, 6H and 10H is afflicted by Saturn, Mars is afflicting 11H and 8L itself is Mars.
  4. There is a talk of Mahagatbandhan in the Opposition parties where they are planning a combined Opposition plank against NDA. Since, 4H is taken as house of Opposition. In the CSP chart 4H has two natural malefics Saturn and Mars which is treated as “ Explosive combination”, which invariably causes destruction. There is no benefic association or aspect on this combination, so , they are not protected. 4L is in 2H and retrograde which clearly reveals its weakness inherently. Saturn being 6L, house of disputes and 8L Mars, house of secrecy and conspiracy combined in 4H shows its real intent. Saturn is aspectinglagna and Mars is aspectingLagna lord clearly shows that people in general in the country will not be benefitted by this combination. As the time passes by in this year it appears it will fall under its own weight or contradictions.


Horoscope of current Prime Minister. Narender Modi

At the time of election dasha will be of Moon/Venus— Moon is 9th Lord with Lagna Lord and Venus is in 10th house with Saturn indicates good commendable position from Jamini angle. venus and Saturn are amatyakarak and atamkarak are in 10th house from Lagna and will be in 11th house from rashidasha of Tula at the time of election. Again indicates success in spite of lot of opposition as these karkas are in 7th from Aquarius rashi (i.e. 4th house).


Saturn is transiting in 2nd house and aspecting in 11th house/10 Lord and 11th Lord.

At the time of election Jupiter will transit in Scorpio in lagna over 9th lord and lagna lord and giving strength to trines does indicating success in elections.


Some other astrological Observationson election.

  1. Rahu/Ketu should be in moveable sign or in fixed sign not in common sign. Now a days Rahu is in a moveable sign cancer.
  2. In many elections Saturn has been found to be afflicting dual sign either in direct or in retrograde motion. Now a day’sSaturn is in dual sign in Sagittarius in 8H afflicting Gemini and Virgo
  3. Above six houses in parameters are afflicted by natural malefics.Mars is in Capricorn and move into another moveable sign Aries on 05th February,2019.

Conclusion: Having analysed India’s horoscope, CSP of India and PM’s horoscope, probability is that the mandate in next general elections will be in favour of the incumbent PM.

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