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Assessing Emotional Intelligence

Updated: July 25, 2015 6:30 am

Every individual wants to be successful and it is largely accepted that motivation is the key to one’s success. Not surprisingly, therefore, there are a large number of book, on motivation and success.

A number of recent studies also indicate that Emotional lntelligence (EI) is yet another key to success. EI is that area of human abilities, which plays a much bigger role than any other (life) skill, in making a person successful. El consists of simple things such as caring for others, managing your moods, loving your job, handling impulse or even, simply getting along with people. These qualities are more important than being, say for example, a great mathematician or a top-class engineer. These traits on the ’emotional plane’ make top performers (of people) in any professional area,

Literature on El may not necessarily focus on motivation and success, whereas books on motivation and success do not often take into account the emotional factors that mould people and situations. Author of the book Winning Instinct: Decoding the Power Within Virender Kapoor have made a sincere attempt to bridge that gap by bringing these two important elements together.

Virender Kapoor, the founder of MILE, a management institute in Pune, aims to help people bring about positive changes in their life through this book by changing one’s mindset about things that are important – hope, compassion and optimism – as much as money and fame. The book explores Emotional Intelligence (EI) and motivation as the core to an all-round successful and happy life.

The author says that Emotional Quotient (EQ), the thrust area of this book, is more important than Intelligence Quotient (IQ). For a satisfying work life, the book opines that connecting emotionally with your work, organisation and colleagues is important. This book is about emotions, attitudes, motivation, satisfaction and success. With Emotional Intelligence as the backdrop, it addresses those basic human instincts that are important for one’s success and satisfaction. Studies have shown that these very qualities make great leaders of people in all walks of life. The book makes one ponder over their own strengths and weakness. While identifying their strengths and working on them, one could reach the critical mass of good habits that are so crucial for success. In today’s turbulent times, wew need a balance between the heart and the mind – an appropriate response to situations and people. This book is about interpersonal skills – handling people. It boils down to emotional optimisation, which is at the very core of this book.

In a nutshell, this book is for those people who want to bring about a positive change within themselves. Change in a person can’t be bring about anyone else, it has to start from within. This is exactly what this book prescribes to everyone.

By Nilabh Krishna


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