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Asoka Tree

Updated: July 1, 2016 4:18 pm

Asoka tree is one of the most revered trees in India. It is probably because of its mythological connections. In Ramayana, Ravana kept Sita in confinement in the Asoka Vatika. Gautama Budha was supposed to have born under Asoka tree. Apart from these two facts, it has immense health benefits.

Before we go ahead with the medicinal benefits  of Asoka tree, let us know about the real Asoka tree. There are two types of Asoka trees. One grows tall and the other grows like mango tree with many branches and bears red flowers. The one with branches has immense medicinal benefits. Since ancient times it has been regarded as boon to women.

Let us see how the tree benefits us

The tree is known by the same name in English and in almost all Indian languages. In Latin it is known as Saraca Indica.  It has been found in research that the bark contains many essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, tannin silica etc and many other trace minerals.  The leaves, bark and flowers contain anti bacterial properties. The flowers of this tree are red and orange in colour with good fragrance.

Arthritis:  The bark of this tree should be soaked in water and made paste.  Slightly warm this paste and make poultice on that particular part. On repeated usage you will definitely find relief from arthritis pain.

Inflammation:  Add the bark of the tree to the boiling water and decant.  Let it cool and consume it to get relieve from burning sensation and sooths inflammation.

Excessive bleeding: This tree is very beneficial for ailments related to women to treat their uterine problems such as heavy bleeding, pain, reduced fertility etc. The extract of the bark of the tree, milk and water should be boiled till all the water evaporates. Then consume the rest in small quantities 3 times a day. While taking this one should have bland food without any spices.  This will help in stopping excessive bleeding and cleanses the uterus.

Infection:  Asoka bark is loaded with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and can treat such infections affectively.

Tuberculosis:  Cough in tuberculosis gives lot of pain to the patient. Bark powder (about 2gm) of Asoka gives a lot of relief if given with a cup of goat milk.

Diabetes: Asoka Flower powder help in  treating diabetes by keeping blood sugar levels under control.

Pregnancy:  Asoka bark powder is given to protect the unborn baby.  It improves conception capacity and increases general health. Over the counter Ayurvedic medicines are available but to be taken strictly under the supervision of your doctor.

Diarrhea:  The flowers are very effective when taken with water during the diarrhea with blood.

Insect bite: The bark is beneficial in treating insect bite.

Other uses:  The bark of Asoka tree is used in preparing tonic for purification of blood, enhancement of complexion, for de-worming, for curing internal piles, to get relief from headache and for various other ailments of women.

Respiratory problems:  Take half a spoon of Asoka seeds powder in a beetle leaf and chew twice a day. This will definitely give relief from respiratory problems.

All the above given remedies are to be taken after consulting your physician.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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