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ASI stabbed multiple times in Mayapuri, no one came on the road to save him

Updated: January 11, 2023 2:46 pm

Often we lash out at the policemen for increasing crime. If anything goes wrong, the policemen become soft targets all round. But there are brave people in the police administration like ASI Shambhu Dayal (57), who sacrifice their lives for their duty. You must have read about this ASI of Delhi Police. No, just google it. Search if you are on Twitter. From police officers to Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and common citizens are paying homage to the martyrdom of Shambhu Dayal. Kejriwal wrote, ‘While protecting the public, ASI Shambhu ji did not even care about his life. He became a martyr. We are proud of him. There is no price for his life, but in his honour, we will give an honorarium of Rs one crore to his family.’ On searching, you will also see senior police officers shouldering Shambhu Dayal’s mortal remains.

First understand the matter. It is a matter of 4th January. Around 4 pm, a woman resident of Mayapuri Phase-1 slum complained to the police station that a miscreant robbed her husband’s mobile phone. The accused was also threatening. ASI Shambhu Dayal immediately reached the slum near Rewari line. They caught the accused named Anees. When he was bringing Anees to the police station, on the way he attacked him with a knife. Anees had done about a dozen stabs with a knife.

ASI Shambhu posted at Mayapuri bravely held the accused. The wounds given by the accused started bleeding but Shambhu did not give him a chance to escape. Anees ran, but covered in blood, ASI Shambhu Dayal caught him with the help of other policemen. During the treatment, on the morning of January 8, this brave man said goodbye to the world. When ASI’s last journey came out, Delhi Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora, Special Police Commissioner Sagar Preet Hooda, Joint Police Commissioner Chinmay Biswal and DCP Ghanshyam Bansal shouldered the mortal remains of the martyr Shambhu Dayal. Whoever saw this scene, while saluting the bravery of the policeman, his chest swelled with pride that our police have such brave soldiers.

Shambhu was originally from Sikar district of Rajasthan. He was admitted to the Delhi Police on 5 February 1993 as a constable. During his 30 years of service, he held various portfolios. He is survived by wife Sanjana, two daughters and a son.

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