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Arthritis or joint pain is the most common problem faced by many individuals, particularly elderly women today. The reasons for this pain may be due to an injury, certain fevers or may be the process of ageing. Whatever may be the cause it is very painful. Though there are many forms of arthritis, the most common are Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis. The inflammation in the joints or the progressive degeneration of the body’s cartilage which cushions and surrounds the joints is Osteoarthritis and an auto immune disorder that causes stiffness and pain in the joints is Rheumatoid arthritis. Mostly the joints of hip, knee, spine and hands are affected.

Risk factors that are responsible for developing arthritis

■    Insufficient sleep, sedentary lifestyle and obesity.

■    Artificial beverages, diet high in fat and sugar.

■    Low intake of fruits and vegetables.

■    Eating non-organic and processed foods.

■    Potatoes, white flour etc. promote overgrowth of bad bacteria in the gut.

For relief from joint pain few remedies are given below

■    Take 50g of sonth (dry ginger fried and powdered), ashwagandha 50g (dry in shade and powdered, black sesame (fried and powdered) 50g, candy sugar powder 50g, grind all the ingredients and add ghee till it becomes paste. Take 10g or one spoon of it daily before meals. Keep it in one side of the mouth and suck the juice. This strengthens the weakened nerves and brain, and gives strength to body, improves the gel of the joints, removes waste materials accumulated in joints and removes all pains due to the vaata dosha.

■    Make paste of fresh guava leaves and apply the paste over the surface where there is pain. This poultice will reduce the pain.

■    Crush four nutmegs, add to one cup of mustard oil and gently boil. Let it cool and store in a bottle. Massaging this oil helps provide instant relief from joint pain.

■    Mix one spoon of ginger (sonth) powder to 10 spoons of sesame seed powder. Eating 5g of this powder twice daily will reduce the pain considerably.

■    Boil three cloves of garlic in a cup of caster oil, let it cool and store. Massaging this oil relieves joint pains.

■    Mix radish seeds powder and sugar candy powder in equal quantities. Take ¼ spoon with water daily. All joint pains will subside gradually.

■    To get relief from the pain in knee joints: add 500g of green grass (juice) to 250g of sesame oil and boil till the grass juice gets absorbed in oil. Sieve and store the oil. Applying on affected parts will help the pain subside.

■   Take 100g of chaste tree leaves powder or juice, 100g of garlic (paste), 200g of ginger juice, azwain (roasted and powdered)100g, peppercorns(roasted and powdered) 100g. Mix all the ingredients and make small tablets of the size of chana dal. Take one tablet in the morning on empty stomach.

■    Remove seeds from the tamarind, soak in water, make thick paste and apply this on the affected area and tie a bandage leave it for an hour and see the results for yourself.

■    Cherries contain powerful nutrients that eliminate pain. They contain high levels of anti-oxidants known to relieve pain, inflammation and stiffness. Take six to eight cherries on daily basis, to get good results.


Chances of having joint pains or the severity of joint pains can be greatly reduced by keeping watch on what we eat in our diet, the following should be kept in mind

■    Vegetables like mixed greens, cucumber, carrot etc. provide alkalizing minerals to reverse acidity in the body which can create pain and inflammation.

■    Eat plenty of food high in omega-3 fatty oils which are very anti-inflammatory.

■    Eat plenty of foods containing Vitamin D. Deficiency of Vitamin D may cause pain and inflammation.

■    Instead of wheat use millet, barley or rye.

■    Having unpolished rice helps reduce joint pains.

■    Food should be chewn properly to easy digestion.

■              It is better to eat food early so that it gets digested before going to sleep.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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