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Art Of Mental Perfection

Updated: January 28, 2012 2:19 pm

For the best use of inbuilt mental faculties and success in personal, professional and spiritual arena, concentration of mind is the basic requirement. Human race, across the world, is in total agreement on this account. However, what should be the objective-content of mental concentration and how to approach it, may have different methods and believes, depending on the faith and cultural background of the   individuals.

Practice of mental concentration is the first technical and internal step for the spiritual elevation. Physical fitness of the body and control over it, to prevent external/internal distractions, is the basic requirement to practice concentration. One, who has perfected his body, behaviour and thought processes through yama, niyama, asana, praanayama and pratyahaar is the right candidate to practice “mental concentration”. To jump directly, for the practice of concentration, without practising other components of yoga, may not be the right approach and may not yield the desired success, through this precious tool of mental perfection.

For practising concentration, one should choose a pleasant and serene surrounding, at home or outside. One should sit in one of the comfortable sitting postures (asana), perfected over a period of time. Closing of the eyes lightly and focusing attention on the tip of the nose or between the eyebrows (agyna chakra) should be there. Choosing the subject for contemplation/concentration is very subjective. Beginner may try to focus attention on the breath, which is coming-in and going-out. It may be followed by focussing the attention on agyna chakra. While doing so, one should imagine it, as a bright holy spot and a source of divine energy. Mental chanting of some “beej-mantra”, while focussing attention on the agyna chakra, is the next step for concentration practice.

Concentration is an active effort. Therefore, it should be practised with full mental consciousness, focus and a feeling of divine enjoyment. One easy way to remain mentally active is to silently chant the chosen mantra, listen to it, while keeping the attention fixed on the agyna chakra and have a feeling of devotion, in the feet of Lord. While chanting the mantra, one should identify the self, with the purifying spirit and meaning of the mantra.

All this interconnected process of practising mental concentration is quite subtle but very systematic and scientific, in its approach. For reaping the precious fruits of this accomplishment, one has to approach it in as scientific a way, as we tend to approach any other learning process in our life. It is on this account that there is also a need of an accomplished guru, whose presence, practical demonstration along with his guidance, may make this subtle process, easy and enjoyable. Practising the concentration of mind is opening the gates of spiritual highway. It is just the beginning of a very long but most cherished journey of a successful human life, which could also be a panacea for much-felt personal, professional, social and global transformation. Therefore, all the serious spiritual seekers should put their best efforts to master this art of concentration.

By Dr Dipak Shukla

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