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Are You Living or Existing?

Updated: May 18, 2017 10:11 am

Life’s beauty depends upon the beauty of the philosophy upon which the life is built. If the foundations are false, the edifice however strongly built, will prove to be in no way better than a castle of cards.

There is a purpose, definite and sure, in each one’s arrival here; be it a worm or be it a king. The entire universe with all its happenings is a university educating the ego, to grow and evolve into the ultimate realization of its essential Reality.

Don’t  flounder your entire life, on flimsy things, on passing fancies of eating well and clothing well or showing off of indulgences. This is not the goal and purpose of life. Learn to expand your mind. Experience the grandeur of the world in which you are living and learn to be of service to mankind even at the risk of starvation and death, if  necessary!

Fall in love with life, not the things and beings in your life. Be in love with living. Don’t be satisfied with a superficial life or mere sense pleasures. Search for treasures hidden beneath the world of thoughts. Build for yourself a temple of peace which no man can take, no power can destroy. With life in harmony, find your joy in yourself exactly where you are now. If our inner nature can be us react to the world positively, and then we have discovered the secret of living in peace with the world.

To strive in the present, becoming the architect of the future is creative living. In this, we employ time. To live weeping for the past, wasting the present moments, shuddering with imaginary fears for the future, is self-destructive, “suicidal living”. In this, time employs us. We then become slaves of time. Measuring time with enjoyments is the privilege of birds and animals. Hunger is their clock. To evaluate time with achievements in life is the glory of dynamic men. Gains point the passage of time. In spite of discomforts to me, how much I served others around me is the secret measure of spiritual life Narayana sewa (serving the Lord) is our watch.  It is very necessary to discover a great purpose of goal in life.

It should be an ideal that you have chosen according to your heart, not an ideal that somebody has given you, but that which appeals to you the most; then from it, a new enthusiasm comes to you. The goal has to be something higher than yourself, your family, or worldly comfort, If there is a social vision that moves us forward, we discover within ourselves a new source of energy. Dynamism is generated when we discover for ourselves a goal and dedicate ourselves to it with reverence and love. So, with tireless enthusiasm, strive on to reach your goal. Without a goal, the best in you can never come out.

Man must perform fully his entire obligatory duties in life. As long as an individual as a member of society enjoys a social life, demanding protection and profit from the society, he has no right to abandon his obligatory duties. We do not live alone; we are gregarious; we live in a society. Therefore, we have not only duties the family, relations, community, nation, and world. Let each man try to fulfil all his obligatory duties as best as he can in a spirit of unattachment, joy and dedication.

Through individual perfection alone, world perfection can be aspired to.  When the people change, the country changes. In our modern world, we are doing the opposite. We try to change the world without changing the people.

Since we live as we are living, we are what we are. If you want to lift your life into a greater ambit, you have to change your ways of living.  Destiny can be changed, not by readjusting the world outside but by changing your own inner nature. You order your destiny You change!- and the world around you must change. Change the texture of your thoughts, and your life will change.

If you are not willing to change, do not enter the path of spirituality. When you allow yourself to see yourself and think about the tragic life you are leading, then changes begin to happen.

The moment one questions the validity of the pursuits one has been following, one becomes a seeker.


By H.H. Swami Chinmayananda

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