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Are Relations With Pakistan More Important Than Human Rights Of Our Brave Martyrs?

Updated: June 20, 2015 10:15 am

Coming straight to the point, let me first of all express my utmost indignation and profound sorrow over the brutal manner in which Captain Saurabh Kalia and 5 soldiers of 4 Jat Regiment were brutally tortured by soldiers of Pakistani army for nearly a month and their body bore signs of inhuman torture by cigarettes and their body parts were maimed, eyes were punctured by hot rod and then gouged out, ears were pierced by hot rods and then chopped off and as if this was not enough they decided not to spare even their private parts. Not stopping here, they decided to put the private parts in their mouth! Then they handed over bodies of those brave soldiers to India.

What pains me most to the innermost core of my heart is that these brave soldiers were the first to report on Kargil intrusion caring a damn for their own personal safety and rendered supreme sacrifice for a thankless nation. The NDA government bravely decides to honour Atal Bihari Vajpayee with Bharat Ratna but for these brave martyrs, leave alone any award, India decides not to rake up their case in any forum as it would seriously affect its relations with Pakistan! They were mercilessly tortured not for just one day or two days or five days or ten days or fifteen days or twenty days but for nearly a month before being shot dead by Pakistani soldiers. The Centre headed by the Atal Bihari Vajpayee goverenment decided in supreme national interest not to pursue the case in any international or even national forum and worst of all, not even with Pakistan. What a tragedy that 16 years later his father NK Kalia, who is a senior retired scientist, is relentlessly pursuing the case in Supreme Court but successive governments have told him point blank that relations with Pakistan are more important and that cannot be sacrificed, no matter how many soldiers are similarly murdered after subjecting them to the worst form of torture.

06-07 Viewpint_Layout 1What a tragedy that the Centre decided in supreme national interest to invite mastermind of Kargil war Gen Pervez Musharraf barely three months after the war was over to India like a royal king and all leaders of major political parties as well as journalists attended to him like a durbari and considered themselves most proud to either have him honoured or shake hands with him or dine with him or have lunch or dinner or breakfast with him. This same Musharraf proudly acknowledged his role and boasted that, “He had entered 13-14 km inside Indian territory when the Kargil war was about to start to boost the morale of his soldiers and lead from the front like a true general and encourage his soldiers to kill Indian soldiers in the most brutal manner” Not stopping here, he claimed that he had caught India by the throat and neck and would have broken neck and slit the throat but Nawaz Sharif spoiled his grand plan by rushing to USA and entering into ceasefire with India.

This same Musharraf presented rupees one lakh to the dreaded Al Qaeda terrorist Iliyas Kashmiri when he presented him with a severed head of an Indian soldier and wept in joy and acknowledged that he would keep the head as a trophy with him till he died! This was in 2000 and was reported in most of the leading Indian newspapers. But how did it matter to all those leaders and journalists who have had no qualms in cosying up to him.

Pakistan was expelled from Commonwealth nations after Gen Musharraf had overthrown Nawaz Sharif but India was the first nation in the world to recognise him as President when the then Indian PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee rang him up and addressed him as “President”! Vajpayee and Jaswant Singh had assured the father of Captain Saurabh Kalia  that they would rake up his case in all international fora but till date 16 years later not in one forum has this ever been raked up. Why this open and brazen disrespect for our brave martyrs who sacrificed their lives without caring for their own personal safety for a thankless nation who is more interested in having good relations with Pakistan at the expense of soldiers, lives and in inviting Pakistan invaders like Gen Musharraf to felicitate him? For what? For waging the Kargil war and killing thousands of our soldiers? Ask those who invited him and felicitated him! Instead of felicitating Captain Saurabh Kalia and 5 soldiers of Jat Regiment who suffered gruesome torture for a month and who were the first to report on Kargil intrusions as well as other Kargil brave martyrs, Centre and some big media houses decided to felicitate and honour the Pakistani invader Musharraf!

What a supreme irony that after 16 years of gruesome killing of Captain Saurabh Kalia and 5 soldiers of 4 Jat Regiment, India has still not made up its mind of taking up this issue in the International Court of Justice! Rather the Centre will ask the Supreme Court to pronounce legal validity of moving ICJ in the case. Is this the way you treat and care for your brave martyrs who sacrificed their young lives for a thankless nation which was more interested in appeasing Pakistan and Pakistani invaders like Gen Musharraf who masterminded Kargil war and ordered the brutal carnage of our brave soldiers?

Under the Geneva Convention, a prisoner of war has to be treated with respect and humanity but Pakistan cared two hoots for our brave soldiers just like our leaders and media cared two hoots for them and remained bothered only about appeasing Pakistan and its dictator Gen Musharraf! Not a single government has cared for our soldiers. India gave up more than one lakh Pakistani prisoners of war after 1971 war was over but more than 54 Indian soldiers are still languishing in Pakistani jails and India has never bothered for them and even the Supreme Court has pulled up the Centre on this.This is utterly reprehensible and most shocking.

Pakistani soldiers behead our brave soldiers but India keeps quiet as it does not want to spoil its relations with Pakistan. Pakistan keeps setting up more and more terror training camps to slaughter our soldiers yet India decides to declare ceasefire not only with Pakistan but also with these very terror groups like Hizbul Mujahideen even as they continue to slaughter ourbrave soldiers. Why should any sane person sacrifice his life for a thankless nation like India? Nothing on earth can be more shocking! Pakistan publicly honoured their soldiers who tortured Captain Kalia and 5 soldiers for nearly a month and they mocked at India saying :“Indians are so coward that they will keep quiet and will honour our generals like Musharraf who lead us from the front and who himself entered Indian territory to supervise slaughtering of Indian soldiers.” What a crowning irony that Shiv Sena leaders like Sanjay Raut, who demand taking away of voting rights of Muslims in India maintain a deafening silence on this sensitive issue and didn’t said a word when Gen Musharraf was being openly felicitated soon after the Kargil war by the then NDA government of which his party too was an ally.

By Sanjeev Sirohi

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