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Apps for Poets Discover new poem everyday

Updated: November 17, 2016 2:02 pm

Gone are the days when the aspiring poet in you had to pick up a piece of paper to pen your poetic expressions. With the advent of the digital era, all you need to do now is download an application and unleash your best artistic imagination.

Welcome to the world of poetry apps. Now, poems are no longer the gems of the learned mind. With the swipe of a finger, you can now access a range of apps exclusively for poetry writing, making versification as easy as falling off a log for any layman or aspiring poet.

While the interface in the apps keeps you organised by providing you a space to jot down your lines and ideas, the inbuilt traditional dictionary, thesaurus and rhyming functionality may help you with writer’s block. In addition to this, the applications also enable you to access poems by well-known authors from across the globe.



This app was developed by the Poetry Foundation, the publisher of the much-lauded Poetry magazine. You can carry classic and contemporary poets with you on the go, and easily find poems that fit your mood with a swipe of your finger.


Instant Poetry

Need help finding the right words to express yourself? Check out this popular app, which generates random words that you can rearrange into a masterpiece. You can even create a photo-text using one of your own images.



This notebook app provides a space to write your poetry as well as keep track of it. A built-in rhyming dictionary can help you when you’re stumped, but hey, your work doesn’t need to rhyme to be poetic.


Poetry Daily

Explore contemporary poetry one poem at a time with Poetry Daily. Users of the app receive one new poem a day from a contemporary poet, chosen from some of the top magazines, literary journals and best-selling books of poetry.



Not all poems have to rhyme, but if you want to include rhymes in your poems, the RhymeNow app will come in handy. Rhyming words are organized by syllable to help you choose the perfect rhyme. You will also see commonly used words highlighted.



HaikuJAM is a social writing app where people write stories and poetry together. You can either write with strangers around the world or form ‘circles’ with your friends. To start writing, simply hit the jam button and write a line about anything – within minutes, two other people will add a line and finish your jam.

by Sanjay k bissoyi

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