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Appreciating The Soul: A Life, Beyond The Life

Updated: April 14, 2012 10:39 am

Spiritual science is based on the basic assumption that there is a life-force, at the core of the existence, for every form of life. This life force is alike in all forms of lives, as the same type of battery could be operational for seemingly different devices/ toys. Strange remains the fact that even being at the core of existence, it is least known to mankind.

Poor knowledge of mankind about the Life-Force/Soul/Atma-Tatva could be attributed to the fact that it is beyond matter and hence cannot be appreciated empirically, as any other material formation/ function of any living being. However, we may try to understand this issue through some examples and experiences.

When one gets up after a documented normal “Deep Sleep”, then there is a very refreshing and rejuvenating feeling. Who experiences it when physiologically, all voluntary sensory perceptions which give feedback to the brain, were suspended during the factual deep sleep? The instrument which experiences this freshness is soul. It is the same instrument which appreciates the feeling of sunrise, sunset and being on river bank or sea shore. The freshness and pleasure of these situations is universally accepted. It is beyond any worldly desires of mankind, but still very refreshing, rejuvenating and equally appreciated by mankind, across the world. It is the appreciation of nature, through soul, though sensory perceptions are intact.

We know that physical body bearing brain, can be seen and described but mind is beyond matter, no one has seen it, however we accept its existence on account of the behaviour patterns, as described by psychiatrists and psychologists. Similarly, Soul is still beyond Mind and is described by “Spiritually Elevated Souls” who have experienced it. This we have to correlate with the analogy of psychology/psychiatry with the mind. As psycho experts bring difference in personal and social life, on account of their deep study of the mind and its applications similarly experienced/elevated Souls bring difference in personal and social lives. It has well been demonstrated by Rama, Krishna, Christ, Pagamber Mohammad, Buddha, Mahaveer, Ramkrishna Paramhansa, Maharshi Arbindo and so on.

Conventionally also we say it is my body, my mind, my life etc. Meaning that this physical body, mind and life belong to someone? Someone is the possessor, who’s possessions are body, mind and life. In psychology and psychiatry it is labelled as the “I” sense. This possessor is the “Life-Force” or “Soul”, least known to us. If we do not know something, it never means that things do not exist. Recently, geologists have discovered many new planets and galaxies, not known to us before. It never means that they were not there. Same is the case here.

Super-consciousness is beyond neurological consciousness. Spirit, Atma-Tatva or super-consciousness is a part of a bigger whole/system, which we may call as “Parmatma-Tatva” or Cosmic Consciousness. It has immense possibilities of creation and transformation. Like other geo-astrological researches, scientists are struggling to know the exact nature of consciousness and super-consciousness. They may reach somewhere, in this direction, in due course of time. Till that time, we should trust the examples set by elevated souls, as mentioned above, for personal and social transformation. Probably it is the gravest need of the present time.

By Dr Dipak Shukla

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