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Apple’s iPhone X vs Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8

Updated: October 5, 2017 3:31 pm

Rivalry between Apple and Samsung is not new. As the largest and being preperred by most of the people both brands have created an extraordinary impact over people across the world. Recently Apple and Samsung both launched their new brands which are being seen as the best rival of each other.  On one hand Apple launched iPhone X, on the other hand Samsung brought out Galaxy Note 8 Apple’s  iPhone X will be made available in two storage variants, i.e. 64GB and 256GB, which are priced at Rs. 89,000 and Rs. 1,02,000 respectively in the country. Coming  on to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the smartphone a launched in India will be available at a cost of Rs. 67,900 in India.

Government considering strict rule on Call Drop

In the wake of call drop issue, the ongoing discussion to address the issues might take a little more time as the telecom companies have sought more time from TRAI. In a statement, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has clarified that the telecom companies have come up with an explanation and have asked for more time to implement the new strict rules suggested by TRAI. TRAI Chairman RS Sharma guaranteed that the telecom companies have not opposed the new rules; however, implementing them on the stringent deadline has come up to be an issue for them.

Land Rover price hiked

After the implementation  of goods and service tax in India, excise duty on all the branded motor vehicles has increased  and as a result of that  Land Rover is probably  one of the most affected brands when it comes to the new GST cess rates in India. Considering the fact that all Land Rover vehicles are large SUVS, longer than the 4-metre length requirement, this is the parameter for a lower cess bracket. Every single SUV has received a price hike. Prices of the new Land Rover Discovery with the 3-litre petrol engine originally was priced from Rs 68.05-84.43 lakh, the new prices for the SUV (Petrol will be at Rs 71.38-88.56 lakh.


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