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Apple Watch A Game-Changer In Wearable Devices?

Updated: April 4, 2015 5:09 pm

The much-awaited watch by Apple Co. will be finally launched in April this year. But will it be a success?

Apple’s latest instalment, Apple Watch, has become a topic of discussion on the internet. Everyone is in mist of doubts, whether it will become the most sensational device or Apple have to face embarrassment due to it. Whatever the end result might be, one thing is clear, the watch is an attempt to fulfil the age-old legacy of Apple—innovation.


One of the main features of the watch is its Digital Crown, a dial on the side, which can be twisted to zoom in and out of images or scroll up and down and also act as a home button. However, there is no option for keyboard but that has been compensated with voice dictation through Siri.

The screen features a flexible Retina display, meaning it is sensitive to pressure allowing for more interactions from simple touch, and the glass will be either a single crystal of sapphire or Ion-X glass. The watch comes in 11 different variants.


The face of the watch is customisable and there is expectation a whole swathe of different options to be available. Most of the faces offers some at a glance information, including Timelapse, Astronomy, Solar, Moon, Events, and Activity level displays. It may also includes new features like Smart Replies, Handoff, Glance and Digital Touch, which will offer a new experience to the users.


Apple Watch features Apple’s custom S1 system-in-a-package chip, and it is reportedly comparable with the current iPod touch’s A5 chip. It should be able to handle several apps, though reports have claimed an Apple Watch with over 200 WatchKit app will run sluggish. It is been reported that the device will include 8GB of storage, which will enough for the users to play specify individual songs, albums, and playlists to be loaded to onto Apple Watches via the Companion app for iPhone. Apple claims that the watch will have an 18-hour battery life, but that will become apparent in full tests.

The Apple Watch doesn’t need any cables plugged directly into the device, thanks to a magnetic inductive charger. It attaches to the rear of the watch and delivers power over the cable from the wall socket. It uses MagSafe technology, similar to what’s used in Apple’s MacBook laptops.

By Rohan Pal

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