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Apple now lets you pre-order apps in the App Store

Updated: December 28, 2017 12:40 pm

Apple has launched a simple but useful new feature for the App Store: the ability to pre-order apps and have them automatically download upon their release.

A developer will now be able to put their app in the App Store up to 90 days in advance of its release, rather than only being able to publish their app when it’s ready to launch. Once it’s up, customers will be able to choose to preorder it and have the app delivered when it’s ready. The feature is available on all iterations of the App Store, so iOS, macOS, and even tvOS apps can all be offered for preorder.

WhatsApp Will Soon Get ‘Reply Privately’ Option

New WhatsApp Web features have been spotted in the updated app. It looks set to add the picture-in-picture mode for videos. Web client will also let you send replies to group members privately. WhatsApp seems to be planning to add Picture-in-Picture mode to the Web client , a few months after the feature was rolled out to mobile devices  across the world. The WhatsApp Web feature will be rolled out with a future update, which is said to be adding an option for users to reply to messages privately in group messages. For now, the feature is not available to download, but may be rolled out soon. Earlier this month, WhatsApp was found to include a restricted group setting  to help administrators restrict group members from sending text messages, photographs, video, GIFs, documents, or voice messages, reported gadget 360.

Google Maps to get real-time notifications soon

The real-time updates will be given while a user is on his/her transit journey and the updates will appear in the Google Maps app. Unconfirmed information suggested that the updates will also be displayed on android lock screen, Tech Crunch reported.

The report said that Google Maps will even remind users to get off a bus or train when he/she gets close to a stop – a feature useful when you are traveling somewhere new.Google Maps currently gives detailed transit directions with the process generally involving keeping track of progress along the route.

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