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App-Y Hobnobbing

Updated: July 14, 2015 10:35 am

Man is a social animal. And the app industry is making money, hand over fist, with that little theory. Here are a few more apps that will help you expand social circles—even your dog’s. I kid you not.



If your frie-nds are busy over the weekend and you really don’t want to do another load of laundry or watch another episode of Game of Thrones (really, by now, what’s the point? Valar morghulis, people), then get this app, sign in and start discovering what’s happening around you. You can pick your interests broadly, first—books, games, adventure, tech meets, self-help meets, parents’ support groups (yes, that’s a thing now; our generation really cannot handle anything without a support group, much less pint sized, drooling creatures); and then specify exactly what you are looking for. Then pick what meet-up you want to attend.

Meet My Dog

18-07-2015Yes, your furry little bundle of joy can make its own friends, thank you very much, but can you? Make a lot of dog-minded friends, that is? Meet My Dog is like a social network for, you guessed it, dogs and dog owners. You can use it to figure out pet-friendly areas in town, set up play dates, arrange for the best possible care when you’re out of town—basically, connect with a bunch of dog lovers and owners and be a part of that community.



Two words any urbanite dreads. House. Hunting. But what if that was as easy as logging on to an app, specifying your requirements and chatting with people who have similar requirements as yours? Not to mention, a friendly assistant who cheerfully eggs you on and gives helpful pointers to aid in the search? Yup, say hello to Flatchat. Just log in through Facebook, specify if you’re a tenant or a renter, the optimum rent, the areas you want to live in, how many of you want to live in the house, and any other details you may wish to reveal about yourself. The app then searches for optimal matches. Unfortunately, the one thing the app lacks is sufficient users, and therefore, matches are scarce. Hopefully, once that is accomplished, this app will be occupying the number one slot on my list.


By Sanjay K Bissoyi

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