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Anti-Modi Brigade Won’t Like IT

Updated: December 20, 2014 9:45 am

All Modi-baiters have been criticising the Clean India project, uttering doom for it. How can the country be cleaned? How is it possible to cover over six lakhs villages? But the campaign is making headway, over five lakh toilets have been bought, arrangements are in process for disposal pipes and for appointment of private companies to lease out the maintenance of the toilets. All this is bad news for armchair critics.

These lot would go into deeper grief on learning that seven and half lakh kilometres of cable is proposed to be laid over next three and half years to provide broadband in every village of the country. This was stated by Ravi Shankar Prasad, IT and Communications Minister.

Interacting with a few contributors of ideas for ‘Digital India’ project in New Delhi, he informed that this project aimed at digital empowerment of people and would be a game changer. With more knowledge, villagers would also be able to help in Clean India campaign. Woe to the critics.

Prasad said various certificates as needed by poor people can be reached to them in their villages itself. Various other practical benefits will also be available to them through internet which might be global but will have to be locally beneficial.

India now has about 30 crore internet users and is crossing the number of internet users even in the US which is the second largest internet users in the world now, after China.

Prasad pointed out that there was a need to sensitise people about the power of technology. He pointed out that while in urban India mobile connectivity is 146% , it is only about 46% in rural areas. Such an urban- rural divide is sought to be bridged now the minister said. Prasad also said electronic manufacturing is also sought to be promoted in a big way in the country.

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