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Another housing scam!

Updated: January 29, 2011 1:52 pm

Chief Minister of Maharashtra Prithviraj Chavan is still waiting to get a sarkari house in the state capital. For, he is not able to enter the present CM house, which is still occupied by the sacked CM Ashok Chavan. Ashok Chavan was sacked due to his alleged involvement in the Adarsh Housing Society scam and now he is in focus due to his occupancy of CM house. It is said that the house, in which he is living and has not vacated yet, is so luxurious that it comprises of 20 lavish rooms. Each room contains a large LCD TV and two ACs. So it is another housing scam by Ashok Chavan but this time the victim of it is the present CM, another Chavan.

Nitin’s written speech?

After the National Executive meeting of BJP in Guwahati, a rally was organised against corruption under the banner of NDA. NDA chairman Sharad Yadav and leaders of Shiromani Akali Dal and Shiv Sena shared the dais with the senior leaders of the BJP like LK Advani, Nitin Gadkari, Sushma Swaraj and others. While all the speakers delivered their speeches without any written support, Nitin Gadkari was looking on the paper he had brought with him for emphasising the points. Many journalist and of course the large crowd could not beleive that national President of BJP needs a drafted speech for such massive public meeting. He also misquoted an amount involving a scam in Assam saying that the amount involved was 34.5 crore, whereas Sushma Swaraj had already discussed in her speech that the amount was to the tune of 70 crore.


Yeddi steady

Unlike during past national executive meetings, this time in Guwahati Karnataka CM Yeddyurappa was not visible outside the meeting hall. After silently attending the executive meeting, he took rest in hotel Brahmaputra and avoided meeting any delegates or media. His four senior officers were getting bored in the hotel lobby for two-days. Unlike other CMs, he also avoided distributing the publicity materials of his government. It is guessed that he wants to maintain a low profile at the moment.


Indiscipline with difference

A lot of indiscipline was observed in the ‘Party with a Difference’ at its national executive meeting in Guwahati. Though party workers from all over India gathered there, everyone of them had his or her own political agenda. Therefore, not a single session witnessed 100 per cent attendance. In spite of attending the session, high-profile members were seen setting their own agenda with the CMs and ministers of BJP-ruled states. Did Gadkari, who is desperate to re-establish the discipline in the party, take cognizance of the absence of the members from the meeting?


One general secretary of the Congress, who is famous for his loud-spoken skills, is facing the heat from his own party co-workers. When he was asked about it, he laughed and said that he is not a fool. All he is saying about the terror involvement of RSS or Hindus is not of his own making. He too is working on the instruction of the high command. It is worth mentioning that he was also seen with the chief spokesperson Janardan Dwivedi, spending plenty of time just a day after he had attacked the Hindu forces on the Karkare issue.

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