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Another Desperate Lady

Updated: December 13, 2014 8:30 am

The West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is a worried lady, because of inroads BJP is making both in urban and rural areas of West Bengal. And feels harassed too. The inquiry into the affairs of Shradha Chit Fund is leading to roping in of her MLAs and trusted Paty members. Her earlier ebullience and rebellious spirit have vanished. Her vanity is gone. This is why when she got Sonia’s invite for a meeting of opposition leaders to celebrate the 125th Birth Anniversary of Nehru she flew to attend it despite the fact that CPM was to be present there.

Once in Delhi she indicated that she would not be averse to a grand alliance with Congress and CPM. She had great hopes that her idea would be clapped by both Congress and CPM. But to her great disappointment, first CPM declared that the Left would have nothing to do with TMC.

Sonia Gandhi, according to reports was as cold as possible. She, it is said, did not even meet Mamata on one-to-one basis. Thus very cut-up, Mamata flew back. Her workers are getting more and more demoralized and many are rumoured of joining either BJP or the Left.

Another speculation is that the Congress and the Left might fight the Assembly polls together. If that does happens odds for the BJP would improve considerably.

Mamata seems destined to vacate the Writers Building and return to her days when she, a rebel, would take to the street on slightest of pretexts. But unfortunately when recently she took out a street march to protest the partisan and high-handedness of the Centre, crowds stayed back. A report said Didi was ditched by people. What can be worse, this happened in Kolkata, her Kolkata where she led such marches that the Marxists’ sickle and hammer cracked and they lost power. Now it seems Didi will find hard to overcome challenges at the next election.

What a swing in fortunes!

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