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Ankola Tree

Updated: May 3, 2016 11:18 am

Though it is found in many places, one can see this tree in Sri Saila Mallikarjuna temple in Andhra Pradesh. Adi Shankaracharya has written a sloka describing this tree in his Sivananda Lahari.  The uniqueness of this tree is all the seeds that fall to the ground, fly back and cling to the trunk of the tree.  If a concrete wall is built around the tree, they get attached to the wall itself.

The root of this tree is bitter to taste.  It is a good remedy for blood motions, leprosy, tumours, skin diseases, prolonged fevers, asthma, snake poison, mad dog poison, rat poison etc.  It is known to cure the nagging skin diseases.  It is a powerful tree and dosage should be taken very carefully.  It depends on the stamina of the patient.

People use different eye liners and other cosmetics for eyes. Sometime they give adverse effect to the eyes.  In such situations take Ankola flowers in a cloth or hanky and place them on your eyes and remove. This will give relief to your eyes.For mad dog bite take the root of the tree and make past with cow milk. By placing in a clean cloth extract two three grams of juice and give it to the patient assessing his physical strength.

To get relief from asthma, tuberculosis, all types of coughs, take the new soft twigs of Ankola tree grind to make small tablets of the pea size and dry them in shade. Take one of the tablets with water half an hour before meals both the times.

Most of the times people working in fields are prone to snake bites and other poisonous insect bites. As precautionary measure make small pieces of the root and carry them with you always.  At the time of any poisonous animal bite, just keep a small piece of the root in mouth and keep swallowing the juice.  This acts as first aid before the help arrives and saves a life. This is more effective if the tree is white Ankola tree.

Ankola is a sure shot remedy for piles. Take the bark of the tree about 30g and roasted pepper 10g grind and make tablets of pea size. Dry them and store in a bottle.  One tablet morning and evening with water for forty days will dissolve piles.Rheumatic pains and swelling can be reduced by making a poultice of Ankola tree leaves.

For all the skin related problems take the bark of white Ankola tree thoroughly washed and dried make fine powder.  Add the powders of nutmeg, mace and clove in equal amounts. Mix all these powders and store in a bottle. Take one gram of powder with one spoon of honey half an hour before meals twice or thrice a day depending on the severity of the problem.

These are a few of the Ankola tree benefits.  If you come across any type of ankola tree (black, red or white) grab a branch or seeds. It may be helpful to anybody.   Use the above remedies under medical super.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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