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Ankita murder case: Father said – Shahrukh used to force Ankita to adopt Islam and for marriage

Updated: September 1, 2022 11:33 am

After the death of student Ankita in Dumka, Jharkhand, there is a tense atmosphere. There is a lot of outrage among the people regarding the incident. People are calling it a case of love jihad. Meanwhile, an important revelation has come to light in this case. From where did Shahrukh, who had brutally murdered Ankita, taken Ankita’s mobile number, it has come to the fore, as well as the root cause of the murder. The father who lost his daughter Ankita said that the accused Shahrukh Hussain is our neighbor. He was forcing Ankita to convert to Islam and get married.

Shahrukh used to tell Ankita that marry him, accept Islam, otherwise he will make her life hell. This made Ankita very scared. The victim’s father Sanjay Singh says that Shahrukh, who lives in the same mohalla, was harassing Ankita for the past several days. He was forcibly pressurizing her to love and marry. When Ankita refused and spoke of legal action against him, he threatened to kill her and finally killed her ruthlessly. The question was, from where did Shahrukh finally get Ankita’s number, because Ankita was not giving any value to Shahrukh.

In the police FIR, student Ankita had also recorded her statement, in which she had said that Shahrukh took her mobile number from one of her friends and started harassing her by calling again and again. Earlier, whenever he saw Ankita on the way, he used to harass her. On August 22, at eight o’clock in the night, Shahrukh again called from his mobile number and said that if she did not talk to him, then he would kill her. Shahrukh killed Ankita by burning her alive. After fighting to the death in Ranchi’s RIMS for five days, Ankita finally passed away.

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