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Android Everywhere

Updated: July 19, 2014 5:27 pm

Google is ready to break all the barriers in order to expand its empire so as to conquer the digital world

Soon Google’s android will be all over the world. From smartphones to wearable devices, from cars to TV, Google is expanding its empire to provide all-in-one experience for its users. As the world is heading towards connected devices and cloud-based servers, the company is laying its eye on every product within its reach. The recently concluded Google’s annual developer conference ,which is commonly known as Google I/O (for Input/Output), has shown the company’s ambition to move a step forward in the digital world. The two-day conference made many important announcements. One of which was the new android update ‘L’ (formally known as Lollipop), which made it possible for the company to establish its platform in different areas. The latest instalment of its software is meant to solve the biggest problem of inconsistency.

Android users don’t get update on time which creates great confusions. Android ‘L’ will also add material design, which is meant to provide developers the ability to play with the illusion of depth. It also features enhancements to performance and battery life as well as a secure password-free login option.

On the other hand, Google is also entering the market of cars. Google is expanding into new cars with Android Auto, a contextually aware interface that incorporates navigation, communication and streaming music. The software will synchronise one’s smartphone with in-dashboard screens and controls.

Google also announced another shot at smart televisions with Android TV software for what are typically the biggest screens in homes. “Google is giving televisions the same level of attention that phones and tablets have enjoyed,” said Android engineering director Dave Burke. Android smartphones, complete with voice command features, could be used to direct searches and more on television screens. An on-stage demonstration showed games from the Google Play shop could also be played on televisions.

If Google’s idea of innovation is successful then soon you will be surrounded by its softwares and hardwares.

By Rohan Pal

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