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An Open Letter To The Now Mr 40% Zardari

Updated: October 29, 2011 10:51 am

Janaab Asif Ali Zardari!

As-Salaam-Aleikkum, Bismillaah-ir-rahmaan-ir-rahim!

Kindly accept the best wishes from fellow citizen of this subcontinent.

Since, Pakistan was carved out of what was undivided Hindustan a nation hailed by celebrated poet Allama Iqbal as the best place on earth I also am your long lost Hindu brother.

Siblings should not hide behind nonsensical, meaningless platitudes. Therefore, I shall do some plain talking.

The way your nation is regressing, it is a foregone conclusion that bombs will rain, courtesy the Western World, the very nations that kept your hate-generated existence alive all these years by flinging alms into your black, begging bowl. And this multiple types of aid from multiple nations proved to be aids for your country because your military, vested interests lined their pockets as you yourself did when you merely were Mr 10%.

Now that your cut has multiplied four-fold, it would be in your interest to know the following: Afghanistan has several trillion dollars worth of natural wealth easily recoverable on commercially viable terms. The first world does not want Pakistan snagging that attempt that can arguably state the first world’s hunger for money and greed for a lot of valuable goods purchased at bargain basement prices and sold at kings’ ransoms globally. Besides, all of us know that if Pakistan ever tries to ‘assist’ the West in this work, it would mean the emergence of worse editions of Osama bin Laden and/or Awlaqi and/or their clones!

Therefore, Pakistan is blackmailing the first world biting the very hand that has been feeding it all these years. The first world, therefore, is, to put it mildly, fed up. The seemingly important danger was China rooting for Pakistan.

Paki-trained Uighur separatist terrorists are making the Chinese sweat in the western province of Xinjiang. That, in my opinion, political stupidity rose to the power of infinity.

China is subtlety personified while hedging its bets. The USA owes a hell of a lot of money to the Chinese and Pakistan is a hedged bet to counter-balance India’s growing influence in Asia.

A few days back, American Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton bluntly asked whether China was serious about investing more in Pak. Beijing, of course, did not react directly. Instead, one of its “private” infrastructure companies pulled out of a highly lucrative US$ 19 billion mining assignment located in Pakistan’s borders with Afghanistan.

Your collaborator in Benazir’s murder now in exile abroad Janaab Pervez Musharraf has clearly stated that only Pakistan has the right to help the West interfere in Afghanistan and that allowing India would mean a disaster for not only Afghanistan and Pakistan but for the entire Islamic world in a nutshell, confirming what I said in earlier paragraphs.

The first world made its choice very long ago. Even as noises were being made about Pakistan being an unsafe place, some US$90 billion has been pumped into the nearly-starving, totally lawless former Soviet republics that form the soft Islamic underbelly of Russian-controlled Confederation of Independent States [CIS]. As part of the idea’s workable nature, the Baikonur Cosmodrome [that is the only serious challenger to USA’s Cape Canaveral in terms of facilities] is virtually USA territory now. And so are the republics Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and the rest of the stained ‘stans’.

India is one of the best-behaved markets for American goods [to be manufactured, sold locally at lovely profits within India, exported abroad (meaning more profits) even to the home nation itself to keep costs down under franchisee agreements to ensure profits for the original principal] with a highly efficient, English-speaking, young workforce, whose computer savvy skills that include marketing acumen fit in American designs to a ‘T’.

India is a democracy while China and Pakistan are not, something that USA rubs into the noses of both China and Pakistan at every available opportunity.

None needs to be a Sherlock Holmes to understand why Pakistan is angry about the whole thing. Its very existence was due to the West’s need to keep conflicts alive in the subcontinent—one of the best naturally-endowed parts of the earth. Till it suited the West, Pakistan’s Islamic fundamentalists’ madness [which has no religious sanction in The Holy Koran whatsoever including the asinine suicidal Jihad whose terms and methodology shall only end in eternal damnation to all those who indulge in such an act according to the original parts of the Holy Book as transcribed from the sayings of Prophet Mohammad PBUH by his daughter Fatima] came in handy to defeat what were perceived as the machinations of Soviet brand of communism and the expansionist policies of India.

Today, the West is peacefully doing business with two de facto communist states China that continues to declare itself a welfare communist state whatever that means. And the imminent future boss of Russia [CIS if you please] Vladimir Putin who once was the boss of the hated KGB and its later avatar and who has been ruling that vast nation directly and through proxy for the past many years. Putin has jailed one of the foremost and cleverest of his nation’s industrialists the former Yukos owner and his partners, continues to get his opponents of Slavic origin in CIS or abroad assassinated, arranges the multiple rapes of his nation’s natural wealth of Siberia and the rest of Russia’s cold north in the form of oil and platinum, is clearly a globally notorious villain. So much so that the global bestseller writer Frederick Forsyth created one of the most-enduring villains in the book ICON in the form of a Putin clone.

Both Putin on the one side, India on the other are ready to cooperate with the West to help the West haul itself out of the financial morass by accessing the several trillions’ worth natural wealth of Afghanistan. Naturally, as the head of Pakistan, you are not amused. I think you would love telling the West thus:

“We were used like condoms during the West’s intercourse with Afghanistan. Now, the condoms have conceived their own effective threat perception! And to make the world understand the seriousness of this, lives of Kashmiris will be incessantly made a misery. Terrorist incursions will bleed India endlessly with the help of rogue elements cloaked in as many political hues as possible. The world at large that cannot stomach this can suffer the mortification of getting hurt in terrorist attacks from Adelaide to Alaska, from Melbourne to Minnesota, from Assam to Alabama, from Lucknow to London with the bleeding hearts in Lahore thrown in between. Else the moneybags of the West can have sex with themselves to alleviate the pain inflicted by our assaults!”

But then, you are not in any position to say this to anyone. Your track record in that section of Kashmir held by you is pathetic to say the least.

Thanks to our Art 370, the place you deride as Indian-occupied-Kashmir has a demographic denominator clearly identifiable with what had been the undivided principality granted to us by a Document of Accession through the signature of Maharaja Hari Singh in 1947.

Our brothers and sisters from the rest of India do not own a single inch of land in the J&K state and need a work permit to function normally there.

The GDP of the J&K we administer is roughly US$ 23 billion per annum. We have three airports, countless hospitals, schools, colleges, 5-star hotels and work is on even on a railway track extending right up to the valley. Can you compare your side of Kashmir to this please?

To my knowledge, the terrorist camps generated economy in what we call PoK has a GDP less than US$ 1 billion [I am in a generous mood today, brother!]. And you are fomenting trouble by saying the Kashmiris have the right to self-etermination. That is fine with me.

The day you show any one from India or for that matter anyone from any part of the world 10 Kashmiri families domiciled together in PoK and allow an internationally acceptable peacefully conducted referendum on both the sides of the Kashmiri border the people of that realm can indeed decide their fate. We, in India, are ready for that any time. Are you?

For reasons best known to our late PM Indira Gandhi, we handed back 92,000 of your PoWs to your late father-in-law Zulfiqar without obtaining his signature on the dotted line to convert the LoC into an international border closing the so-called Kashmir issue in one swift, clinical move.

True, I admit you have a reason to be angry with us because we have won four wars against you, broke your back in what was East Pakistan and have made you a laughing stock in front of the world by exposing your continued perfidy.

You have been able to do some damage through terrorist attacks—one on our Parliament, several on our financial capital Mumbai through agents like the Afzal Guru Ghantaal and the Kasai Kasab. Now, your chickens are coming home to roost.

The rest of the world comprising EU, Asia Pacific’s somewhat better-off nations like Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand etc naturally prefer to do business with India despite all our corrupted faults instead of undependable, suspicious, unpredictable and terrorist Pakistan simply owing to the relative safety in physical and economic terms.

Since it is somewhat clear that China’s protective blessing hands are no longer formed as a parasol over your haughty head, the world would choose to deal with India in a different frame of mind and the reasoning would run thus: Why do we not encourage India rather than being scared of what China would do to all us with Pakistan’s aid because India is the only nation other than the dragon to register a consistent growth rate? If the advanced world had a choice, that argument is powerful enough to convince anyone.

Since you helped the West to test all its ordnance on the suspecting men, women and children in Afghanistan, the time is approaching fast for your payback.

If you want to avoid that kind of bloodshed, give up the pretence about Kashmir, give up terrorism, talk detente with us, begin thinking and behaving like a normal, peaceful human being and all may finally be well.

Stop the likes of Gilani waxing eloquent about distilled tripe in geopolitics, understand modern realities and grow up. The chances are that you may not do so.

So, I am already saying that Islamic prayer washing my hands off this whole thing that concerning Pakistan which is dear to all of us in the subcontinent uttering the operative part of Verse 156 from the Koran known as Sura Al Baqara Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un (Verily we belong to God, and to God we return).

Khudaa Hafiz!

By TSV Hari

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