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An insider’s view of the outside world

Updated: June 12, 2018 3:07 pm

Greek Philosopher Peter Heraclitus had famously said, “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change”. It remains true in the contemporary world and we all someway or the other realise it. At a time of constant change and transformation, due to the unprecedented yet

spectacular technological advancement, our habits are also conditioned to change. Particularly, our reading habits also change as we grow up with time and

space. Reading is something which comes from within and sometimes, it is the engrossing nature of the story and title of the book which enforces us to read.And in this book, it is the title Window Seat that will create a sense of enthusiasm in the mindsets of all book lovers to at least have a glance at the book.

The book is a compilation of all the published texts under the column Window Seat in the year 2017.He has been writing this column for over five years now.

The book gives an enriching taste of heterogeneity of various literary construction and imagination that are penned down by the author in an engrossing way. The author starts off the book with a discourse on time. He is talking about time and how it flies with every blink of our eyes. He is aspiring to hold it but he is aware of it too that time is not something that can’t be bolted. But he is very much aspiring and rigid that one day he will sternly stop and will say enough is enough, perhaps then only, time (she) will embrace him and he will fulfil his ultimate wish.

Window Seat

By: Aniruddha Jena

published by :Sephali Communications

Price: `250/-

The author moves on to write about Shantiniketan and how over the years the feel of Shantiniketan has changed quite drastically. The colour, ambience, exposure and air too have changed with the passage of time. Then the author narrates his own story in a genuine way that is centred on his mother-in-law, who breathed her last in 2017. While narrating this particular story, one can find a genuine taste of narration and the mighty sense of presentation at his best.

The best part of each of the column stories which have been compiled in this book form is that one will get a variety of narrations, presentations, compositions which will help the reader read the book as a treat. And it is not very often to find a collection of write-ups which are very much full of fantasy yet quite meaningful and burning in terms of the contemporary happenings. In the subsequent texts, the author talks of many serious as well as light-hearted stuff, but there is one common thread which binds together all the texts even though they talk of different tastes, colours, ideas etc. And the common thread is the relativity of each of the texts that allow the reader to position himself/herself in such a space that will help understand the world of happening through the narration and presentation of the author.

What makes the book more appealing are the tailpieces which follow each of the compiled columns and these tailpieces make a point after each of the columns that the reader has something to smile, think and feel about.

By Aniruddha Jena



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