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An Anarchist is a Terrorist

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This year began on a vicious, and murderous note with regard to the Third Front or the Internal Security Front with the targeting of the Prime Minister in Punjab when he was just short of his destination, Ferozepur, on his way from Bhatinda. There was a meticulously and well rehearsed ambush laid for him by Khalistani and Maoist elements on a flyover. It appeared to be politically coordinated ambush within the artillery and drone range of Pakistan. The flyover ambush was in a sense a meeting point of the Third Front and the Western Pakistan Front. This the new form of warfare that threatens India. The Prime Minister survived by sheer dint of his presence of mind, something which he has displayed on several occasions.



If the CM of Punjab had followed the decency of protocol, it would have acted as the ultimate deterrent, rather the ambush plans would have been in disarray. His absence in the Prime Minister’s

cavalcade does arouse unforgiving suspicion. Had it been the visit by the mother-son duo who eternally lord over the party, Channi would have bent backwards to accompany them with entire range of theatrics that he is known for. The security would have been 200 percent fool proof.



The top leadership of Channi’s party have been using the politically murderous games through the vectors of Maoists, the Church and the Jihadis for a long time, recently they have added Khalistanis to their arsenal, not with standing the fact that it were the Khalistanis who assassinated Indira Gandhi. On the other hand the Church had a decisive hand in assassination of Rajiv Gandhi given the symbiosis between the Church and the LTTE, specially the Jaffna cadres.


In May 2013, two formidable Congress leaders VC Shukhla and Mahendra Karma were brutally killed in an ambush by the Maoists in Chhattisgarh. Mahendra Karma was stabbed 78 times. The woman cadres of the Maoists danced round the blood swamped body. Later in an election rally in Chhattisgarh one of the lieutenants of the mother-son duo, Raj Babbar, hailed the Maoists as revolutionaries, thereby, and in effect endorsing the assassinations of the two Congress leaders. The person who came under heaviest suspicion for these political assassinations was rewarded with the post of Industries Minister. The said Minister, Kawasi Lakma cannot read or write.


If Maoists were used as a weapon to eliminate VC Shukhla and Mahendra Karma, the same year, i.e. in Oct 2013, Indian Mujahideen jihadis were leveraged to eliminate Modi in a political rally in Patna. It may be mentioned that the jihadis, Maoists, and Khalistanis are given to the same beastly ways of terrorism.Just as in the case of Mahendra Karma, in May 2020, an Intelligence Bureau staffer, Ankit Sharma was stabbed more than 50 times during the Delhi riots. Allegedly the main mastermind in this jihadi attack was an AAP councilor, Tahir Hussain, close to the party’s top leadership. Similarly the Khalistanis, recently at Singhu border, tied up a fellow Sikh, and sawed him into pieces on trumped charges of blasphemy, a true reflection of Pakistan’s jihadi culture. Infact the Khalistanis have introduced the drone and narcotics medium in Pak sponsored terrorism against India.



The incidents recounted above bear some crucial similarities. Firstly, Maoism, Jihadism and Khalistani terrorism continue to buffet India. Second, the sponsors of these terrorisms are ofcourse Pakistan and China but their critical facilitator is the mother-son duo. They are part of the conspiracy. It is this conspiracy that inspired them to sign a secret MoU with the Communist Party of China (CPC) in Aug 2008, on

the verge of 26/11, and during the period, the plan of Hindu terror was being operationalised. The people of India have no clue about the contents of this MoU. During the same period the CCP had signed a similar MOU with the Jamat-e-Islami (JeI) of Pakistan. It needs to be emphasized that JeI has traditionally been the political arm of Pakistan military, and is considered to be the mother of all jihadi organizations in the sub continent. It also needs to be emphasized the CCP is actually the government of China. An analysis of this timeline indicates that China, Pakistan and the mother-son duo combine had masterminded 26/11.



If one were to delve into the political background of Kejriwal, one cannot escape the fact that he is the first politician in India to be propelled by foreign powers, including the empress of the Congress party. When he used Anna to spearhead the movement against corruption, the empress was out of the country for the entire duration. The Manmohan government, which actually was Sonia’s government was churning out one mega scam after another. Infact no prime minister in India has been as prolific as Manmohan in fathering scams, which his admirers say was at the behest of his empress patron, but not once did Anna or Kejriwal castigated her, while sparing none. It became quite clear the empress had deployed Kejriwal to divert the scam narrative to one of general corruption. The affinity between Sonia Gandhi and Kejriwal is evident from the fact that she had written to Manmohan Singh that Kejriwal, who was then an IRS officer should not be posted away from Delhi.



The Church is another common factor between these anti-India forces.It is vivid in public memory that how Kejriwal had allegedly organized calibrated attack on Churches before Delhi state elections. The Church threat factor was introduced by him to garner monetary support from the western world.  During the Sonia regime the Church driven Maoist agenda was quite evident in Binayak Sen’s case Channi too has very strong Church connections. In fact the church factor weighed the heaviest in his selection as CM. One of the CMs of Arunachal told this author how he was removed by the empress by a directive of the Church by leveraging on Christian MLAs from Tirap sector.



There were many NGOs involved in this conspiracy. This author personally came across some of these international NGOs who had congregated in Delhi to meticulously and mathematically plan Kejriwal ‘s victory. They told me the outcome in the evening of the polls  to the last detail without a fault. Till today I wonder as to how all these international NGOs came together to influence an election in India? Why were they so desperate to install Kejriwal? Subsequently, the same NGOs, some 22 of them,had congregated in Varanasi to ensure that Kejriwal stops Modi on track



Having miserably failed to block  Modi on the road to Prime-ministership, Kejriwal shifted his focus on border states like Goa, Rajasthan and Punjab. Was it to promote maritime terror and Pakistan sponsored jihadi terror. He had endeared Pakistan authorities by labeling Batla House encounter and Surgical Strike as false. The Pakistani media lapped it up with alacrity.

It is Kejriwal from whom the Khalistanis took the cue of demonizing and disrupting the Republic Day. In 2014 he had strategically deployed himself at Rail Bhavan and threatened to invade India’s nerve centre I.e. North Block, South Block and Rashtrapati Bhavan even as rehearsals for Republic Day parade were on in customary and constitutional earnest. This he did as the chief minister of Delhi. One dreads to think the consequences if the Delhi Police were to be under him. The Khalistanis adopted the same pattern and technique in Jan 2020, while trying to disrupt the Republic Day celebrations. It was natural for Kejriwal to come to the active support of these Khalistanis. They were indeed facilitated from Delhi government resources. In the last elections, plane loads of Khalistanis had descended from Canada in Amritsar with loads of money in support of Kejriwal, but sensing the danger the nationalists, sinking their political differences, came together to avert Kejriwal at the last moment.This elections, Kejriwal’s patron, the Canadian PM, Trudeau, who had a significant role in orchestrating the so called farmers agitation is facing the same music from the truckers in his country. His democratic credentials proved to be so shallow that at slightest internal threat he has declared emergency.



Kumar Vishwas, a nationalist poet, recently revealed the Khalistani links and separatist agenda of MrKejriwal. He was once a close confidante of the Delhi CM and constituted the core team of the Aam Admi Party. Kejriwal appeared to be completely shaken by this revelation by his friend who followed the smote of his nationalist conscience. All he could say was that he was a sweet terrorist who builds hospitals and schools. Well it was the same Kejriwal who while sitting on dharna at the Rail Bhavan, being the CM, and threatening the Republic Day celebrations had proudly confessed that he was a an anarchist.The truism is that that the very objective of terrorism is to create anarchy.So does he by imputation imply that he is sweet anarchist as well. The moot question is, can the Indian state survive with such sweet terrorists and sweet anarchists?



Consequent to the revelation by Kumar Viswas, Kejriwal and his cronies fell back on the stale argument that with so much of allegations, why has the Central Government not moved against him legally. Well getting smoking gun type evidences in respect of politicians is not easy. In the recent 2008 Ahmedabad blasts case verdict in which 38 accused have been awarded death sentence, the judges maintained that gathering evidence was not easy because the perpetrators were doctors, engineers and computer experts who were very clever in misleading the trail and creating smoke screens and alibi. Together they caused 56 deaths of innocents and injured and maimed 200 others. As per the judgment these educated perpetrators had carried out several years of preparations.



Kejriwal defined himself as a sweet terrorist because he builds hospitals. The Jamaat-ul-Dawa (JuD) the parent organization of LeT is much revered for building hospitals, establishing educational institutions and various other charitable projects.It did sterling work in the aftermath of the earthquake in PoK and the Balakot area. Its social work in the area swelled the anti-India jihadi ranks in Pakistan. The educational institutions that it runs only churn out jihadis to be employed against India and Afghanistan. The Pak sponsored jihadis responsible for the 2008 Ahmedabad blasts had identified two main hospitals as their target, the plan being to kill Mr Modi and his ministers and other government dignitaries, once they came to see the blast victims.



If a doctor could think of targeting hospitals, why not a politician who builds them. Death, injury, agony and sufferings are no considerations for Jihadis and Maoists. The motivation for destruction is far greater than the ability and to create. This trait in turn produces suicide bombers. Similarly, if an engineer can be terrorist, why not a politician who builds roads. If a professor can be a terrorist so can be a politician who claims to build schools and colleges. Kejriwal is the worst embodiment of our education system that contributes little towards character building. The political ideology of ruling dispensation determines the trajectory of terrorism or proxy war. Political ideology also influences the national mindset. Between 2005 and 2008 jihadi bomb attacks claimed 663 lives because of permissive political ideology. It reduced to 04 between 2014 and 2016, and further reduced to zero between 2017 and now, all because of combative political ideology. Today we have a situation wherein the armed forces are fighting the enemies on the frontiers, but some politicians, political parties and even state governments are in partnership or sleeping with friends and facilitators of these enemies. India cannot win the proxy war by Pakistan and China unless the armed forces and the polity within are in harmony.



(The writer is a former military intelligence officer who later served in the Research and Analysis Wing, or R&AW)

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