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An alternate view on Mahatma

Updated: August 12, 2016 1:02 pm

In the whole world India is a country of its own kind. It is the only nation, which for centuries has been the centre of great attraction for people of every part of the globe. On the basis of its knowledge and spiritualism, India has drawn the attention of the world. Its cultural values have left their deep impression on the whole world. India’s prosperity and the way of life of its people have attracted many to it.

Since ancient times, India has been the centre of a rich and developed civilisation. Many of its centres of education and learning have been universally renowned in their respective eras. Centuries before Christ, India developed high human values, and on the basis of them it kept its flag flying high. This country has, from time-to-time, given the world mentors, who reached the highest stage of human status became philosopher guides for the entire world. Their ideas and adaptable practices, after passing of hundreds of years, are still ideal teachers for all- general and in particular. Their work is capable of guiding the world even in the current scenario of the world if they are applied according to the demand of time and space.

Rediscovering Gandhi

How Relevant is Gandhi Today A Japanese View

Yamaguchi Hiroichi


Price : 1050     

Pages : 243

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, gave a new dimension to ahimsa [non-violence]-an eternal, natural and the highest human value, in theory and practice. As the best and true representative of Indian Culture in his own time, Gandhi was a peacemaker’s mentor. Like other mentors of the world who were born from time-to-time on the Indian soil, Gandhi’s ideas and practices became equally adaptable in his own time for millions of his own country on the one hand, and on the other they proved to be the guiding force for people of many countries of the world. In particular, they have provided guidance to those working for freedom and justice. Moreover, they are fully capable of guiding the people today if they are applied accordingly and will continue to do so in the future.

In today’s times the general population or more accurately younger generation is bereft of knowledge about him. There are many books on Mahatma which gives an insight into the life of a modern saint. The book How Relevant is Gandhi Today: A Japanese View by Yamaguchi Hiroichi gives an alternate view on the life- mantra  of Mahatma and shows the true side of his personality. One characteristic of this book is that it takes a holistic approach and tries to see how the different aspects of Gandhi’s life have interacted with one another. One more aim of the book is to see if it may extract anything out of him now, seventy years after his demise, when the country is squarely to face the problems of building peace and solving poverty.

For these purposes Gandhi’s politics, socio-economics, and his fight against communalism constitute the themes of the three key chapters of the book. They are preceded by one on his motivation and his religion. The final one is on his international activities. A brief “Summing Up” follows.

The author shows his respect to Gandhi’s compassion, far-sightedness, even genius, here and there, but does not hesitate to point out his mistakes. This is the result of the author’s decade-long dialogue with many Indians, Gandhi’s writings, and works on him. In a nutshell, this book will make reader to ponder the relevance of the Mahatma in modern times.

by Nilabh krishna


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