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Amit Shah Takes Over-All Charge

Updated: January 31, 2015 7:50 am

Losing the election to Delhi Assembly may raise questions over PM Modi’s popularity and charisma. The BJP is attacking the AAP non-stop and questioning its credentials to seek one more chance at the hustings.

Name-calling and abuses will be in a surfeit this time. Modi called Kejriwal an anarchist and the AAP, a party of Naxals and Maoists sympathisers at his public meeting. “Have you ever seen a politician who calls himself an anarchist? If you are one, go to the jungle and join Naxalites. We cannot let Delhi be gripped by Naxalism. Delhi is the country’s Capital. Here, decent people live,” Modi thundered. He added, “The country’s politics is centred here. World mein Delhi ki ek shaan honi chahiye, wo shaan anarchy ki taraf nahi jane dena chahiye (The world must look up to Delhi. That image of Delhi can’t be tarred by anarchy). Delhi needs governance, accountable government and people. Anarchy will not benefit Delhi, it will destroy it. We need to save Delhi, take it to new heights. I know the BJP will form a stable government.” True, a stable government would be assured if Sushma Swaraj is declared BJP’s Chief Minister nominee. Modi can ill-afford to run even one per cent risk of losing Delhi.

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