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Almost 1.6 lakh Indians have e-registered to fly back home from UAE 

Updated: May 3, 2020 10:59 am
Almost  1.6 lakh people have e registered in the last three days on the website launched by the Indian Mission in United Arab Emirates to fly back home amidst the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, diplomatic sources indicated. The portal which was launched on 29th of April, is open and people are still registering on it.

According to the data collated so far by the Indian Mission, nearly 57 per cent of those registered on the portal are from the State of Kerala. This is followed by the people from state of Tamil Nadu, Telengana, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh. Of them, 40 per cents workers and 20 per cent are professionals, who have lost their job and registered in the data base and they are wanting to return.

Approximately 10 per cent people are those who are stranded here are on visit or tourist visa. There are five per cent people who want to go back due to medical exigencies and roughly 1.5 per cent pregnant women who have registered themselves to go back. Less than one per cent people in the category of 65 plus age group have also registered to go back to India.

The online registration portal is open to evaluate the number of people who want to go back from the UAE as also from other Gulf countries. The form is simple requiring  basic details like passport ,  mobile number, reason to go back and the address in India. The decision on resumption of passenger flights to India will be taken in due course by the Government of India.

The Indian Mission also stated that any announcement regarding the flights will be made on a website and other social media platforms.

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