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Alia won’t go airborne

Updated: January 15, 2016 1:17 pm

After suffering a burn on her arm from a firework during a performance at a recent awards show, Alia Bhatt has decided to stay away from on-stage stunts. Up for another performance at an upcoming awards show, to be held in early January, the actress politely told the organisers about her new plan. This was the first time that she had met with such an accident and was baffled. She has agreed to perform but refused to do any kind of daring stunts, aerial acts or anything to do with water and fire said a report. The song line-up for Alia’s performance is yet to be finalised but it will be a medley of two-three songs. She will start rehearsing soon and will also host a segment dedicated to young stars,” adds the report.

(Compiled by Nilabh Krishna)

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