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I was not keen at all to write on Love Jihad. This issue has been in discussion for more than a decade and lot has been written on it. I was not sure what purpose will be served by another article on the same. While thinking this, I googled “Love Jihad”. In 0.48 seconds, it produced 2,00,00,000 results at 9.30AM on November 29. The search result got me thinking and killing of Hindu girls even for refusing the advances of Muslim boys made me write this article. Following is the screenshot of the top nine results of my Google search (see Picture-2). The results are from Wikipedia, jstor (a research publication), four foreign media, two Indian media (out of which one is a business publication). Each one denying the existence of Love Jihad and calling it fiction.

It reminds of media’s denial of India’s suffering at the hands of Islamic terror till 9/11 crash of twin towers. The twin towers crashed, but the blindfold of the western media did not. More pathetic is the situation of majority of media in India. They have still not managed to develop their own independent thinking and continue to analyse the situation in India from the western eye and agenda.

While I write this, Israeli filmmaker NadavLapid, who headed the IFFI jury, (The jury of 53rd International Film Festival in Goa) has slammed the ‘controversial’ movie- “The Kashmir Files”, which revolves around the killings and exodus of Kashmiri Pandits in 1990 from Kashmir Valley. He called the movie a “propaganda” and a “vulgar movie”.  Israelis who claim to be the victim of Holocaust and Hamas, deny the Hindu genocide in Kashmir while being a guest to government of India. The message is clear, even the other victims of Islam will not stand with and for Hindus. Hindus will have to develop their own spine.

India has been able to solve the Islamic terror problem to a small extent post 2014. India could control ‘bomb blasts’ when it started working to solve the issue on its own rather than looking at western validation. The terror activity has taken a new form. Instead of bomb blasts, it now takes place as ‘Sir Tan Se Juda’ and ‘Love Jihad’. So far government has not been able to control this new form of terror.

Yes, Love Jihad is a form of terrorism. The Muslim boy who married the Hindu girl then sliced her into 36 pieces says that he has no regrets, and if he is hanged, he will get 72 hoors in Jannat. This is the language which even Islamic terrorists speak.

In the case of Love Jihad, various reasons are sighted. Which range from institutionalised targeting of Hindu girls by Muslims as a community, to the weak law of the land. Some even point finger at the family and some at the society. Some blame films and others accuse mobile phones for Love Jihad.

But no one talks about the Hindu girl. Almost every Hindu girl who has been a victim to Love Jihad must have had a smartphone. Irrespective of the class, today smartphone is seen in almost everyone’s hand. In the age of WhatsApp and Facebook, it is not possible that Hindu girls and their parents are not aware of Love Jihad.

Here the role of media again comes into play. If for verification of messages on WhatsApp or Facebook, one goes on the internet, the first few searches from global and national media will be in denial of Love Jihad. I am not sure if a young girl who has fallen in love will go to internet to search about Love Jihad but the denial by media does help in framing a larger mindset of the Hindu community that Love Jihad is a fiction.

There is a lot written and talked about different methods to prevent Hindu girls from falling into the trap of Love Jihad, but these are on social media or on media which have limited reach. The awareness drive about Love Jihad must be taken up by the community. There are region, language, and caste-based community associations in India. They will have to take up these issues on war-footing. Many Hindu families will find difficult to talk about Love Jihad in the family. Also, many times, it is difficult to make youngsters understand the nuances by parents especially when the world outside where he or she spends lot of time, is painting Love Jihad as fake and promoting interfaith marriage.

Some Kathavachaks have started talking about Love Jihad, it is a welcome step. Recently a video of a schoolgirl appeared on social media where she is reciting a poem about pitfalls of Love Jihad. In my opinion this is the best thing to have happened in the fight against Love Jihad. More and more such girls need to be encouraged to speak about Love Jihad openly.

But this will not stop Love Jihad. Even if a Hindu girl refuses a Muslim boy’s overtures, she gets killed. To stop this, effective law and order is required. Law and order is a state subject and states have failed miserably in stopping the killing of Hindu girls by the hands of Muslim boys, even for refusing their overtures. In many instances it has been found that police are reluctant to file the FIR or if they do they register the major Muslim boy as minor so that he can go scot-free.

When one looks around for the solution to this, effective use of raw street power by Christians and Muslims stands up. Let us look at one example from each religion:

A mob of agitators led by the Latin Catholic church on November 28 night attacked Vizhinjam police station here in protest against the construction of Adani port, injuring at least 40 policemen and damaging police vehicles. (Vizhinjam Port: Latin Church Justifies Violence by Mob Of Fellow Faithfuls, Says It Is A Natural Response To Provocations By Government, by, India Infrahub, November 29, 2022, swarajyamag.com)

Recently, four officers of the Pirbahar Police station in Patna were admitted to the hospital after they were brutally beaten by people of the Islamist community for allegedly arresting criminal suspects. A violent mob had first attacked a police party at a market, and then went to the police station and began pelting stones at the officers. They further assaulted the officers who moved out of the police station to save their lives. (Bihar: Islamist mobs pelt stones at police in two different incidents, attacks MahaviriAkhara procession in Siwan, September 9, 2022, Opindia.com)

Mostly in such instance, the cases are withdrawn quietly by the political parties, especially before the elections. It also happens because other religions are united and fight the battle collectively. If this is the way forward for Hindus to save their girls? Well, Hindu society needs to think on this collectively and seriously.

Street power does not mean one off “PrabhatFeri” (a parade shouting slogan like Hindu-Muslim Bhai-Bhai). For minorities, street power means violence and terrorism against the state. Not in one city, but across the country. Not one off, but on sustained basis. Minorities have used it very effectively to make the government kneel as and when they wish. ShaheenBagh and Farmers Rally are two recent examples of it. Both the protest went pan-India and violent.

It is not a good solution but unfortunately when one looks around one finds that this is the only solution available to Hindus. The only difference is that for Hindus, street power will not be against the state but the terrorists, all kind of terrorists and it should be backed by the government.

The law needs to be formulated that the victim of Love Jihad, that is the Hindu girl, her family, her friends and extended Hindu community can take up the law in his own hand and take the revenge against these predators. Hindus need to be armed and trained by the government at mass scale for this. Neither can the government appoint security forces across India to prevent killing of Hindu girls, nor it can stop the killing of Hindu girls as part of Love Jihad by any other means. This is a problem where family and the community will have to play a role which can only happen when government arms Hindus.

The situation of Hindus in India is no different than that of Hindus in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. What was happening in Kashmir is happening across India and government has no choice but to officially arm Hindus. Minorities are being funded, trained, and armed by nations outside India. For Hindus, Indian government will have to do the same officially.

Hindu community and leadership need to act over the above-mentioned option urgently. Hindu scriptures clearly call for violence to save oneself from violence. Mahabharat clearly says; अहिंसापरमोधर्मः, धर्महिंसातथैवच i.e., Non-violence is the ultimate dharma, so too is violence in service of Dharma.

I reiterate, I am not for a moment advocating violence. I abhor violence. I am trying to learn from the methods adopted by minorities against the state and which have worked for them. If Hindus can learn and use the same tricks against the terrorists, there is nothing wrong in it. Citizens have been provided arms in Kashmir to fight terrorists and in Naxalite infected areas to fight naxalites. Hindus across the country needs to be trained and armed to fight the terrorists of ‘Sir tan Se Juda’ and ‘Love Jihad’.

Moreover, violence caused in self-defence is not violence. When the attack happens, every possible mean should be deployed to defend oneself. No one should forget that Hindus are fighting a civilisational war, and if everything is fair in Love Jihad, so should be the raw street power of Hindus backed by the government.




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