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A Wind Turbine In Your Backpack?

Updated: September 13, 2014 3:01 pm

An open source 3D printed wind turbine, which you can carry in your backpack, can be the possible answer to finding some type of solution to counter the ever-increasing want of electricity

Whenever we think of wind energy, the first thing that comes to our mind are the giant wind turbines consuming hectares of land with a multi-year roadmap. But what if a wind turbine could fit in your backpack? Yes, this is possible and in near future you can have a portable wind turbine of your own. Omni3D, a 3D printer manufacturer in Poland, has introduced a new concept of portable wind turbine—AirEnergy 3D—which will give you the ability to produce self-sufficient power in your own home. The team hopes to make its mobile wind turbine a reality, with part of its goal being to allow developing regions to create reliable and renewable power sources.

This portable wind turbine can produce up to 300 watts of power which is enough to keep laptops, smartphones, and plenty of other gadgets running. AirEnergy3D is 3D-printable but not entirety. It provide a kit with parts that cannot be printed on a desktop 3D printer, but provides the user with downloadable and editable 3D models of each required part, together with assembly instructions. Moving and assembling the kit is easy without power tools required. Consisting of blades and a base station, the wind turbine can prove to be another milestone in the renewable energy market.

The team has given a proof of the concept. It generated enough electricity to light a blub and it does work. The company has turned to crowdfunding to move its project forward. With this technology there is a hope that electricity can become more accessible to a greater number of people. The team’s commitment to the idea of free, green energy for everyone is demonstrated in the heart of its Kickstarter campaign which promises that for every £2,500 (approximately $4,200) donated, it will provide one fully functional AirEnergy3D with preprinted propellers to an African village in need. Sierzputowski has also recognised that this innovative energy creation system is not just the answer to the lack of electrical infrastructure in sub-Saharan Africa but also an answer to the call for creation of cleaner energy sources in places with already highly developed electricity distribution systems.

By Rohan Pal    

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