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A Unique Journey Of Human Life

Updated: October 8, 2011 11:28 am

We quite often talk of spirituality, yoga and self-realisation. Many a times, we may not be clear about the relation among them and what efforts should be put to bring best outcome from them, to make this precious human life, delightful and purposeful.

Spirituality is the path, Yoga is a means and Self-Realization is the goal. It is most coveted goal of this journey. Further elevation of human formation is possible only after achieving this goal. Therefore there is a merit in spending time to understand the issues, which are related with this unique journey and subsequent accomplishment i.e. “self-realisation”.

Like any other path, this path of spirituality also has many milestones and difficulties, which are specific to it. Hence, it is prudent to search for the people who have traversed this path and achieved the goal of self-realisation. There is no structured process to identify such realised souls, but only such souls can guide a true seeker, willing to undertake this unique journey. So, there is a role of an accomplished practitioner (guru). Only such guru can advise a seeker, who has realised “The Self” by traversing this path and experienced the difficulties, which could be faced by any traveller of this path. Only he can guide that how to overcome the difficulties, which come across in this journey. Therefore search of a true “guru” (realised soul) is one fundamental need of this journey. Every serious and sincere spiritual seeker should be aware of this fact, all the time.

How to find such a guru, is a million dollar question. We quite often come across many typified, religious and inspiring people. All of them may not be as elevated and realised a soul, as is required, in this reference. Still, there is no harm in contacting them and seeking their advice to follow the spiritual path. In our routine road-journey, to new destinations, we frequently ask many passer bys—are we going the right way, what landmarks will confirm the right course of journey, what more things we require during the journey, how much time it will take, etc. Same is here. There should not be any inhibition in talking and consulting multiple experts, may be from different streams. Each of them may be able to dispel only few of your doubts, still it will help you to add a new dimension/strength to your spiritual journey. All these efforts will shape you in a good spiritual seeker, which is a basic requirement to be a disciple of an accomplished guru. It is at this point that some accomplished guru will pick you up and will own you. Till that time, keep moving with sincere desire, honest efforts and with a fire to reach the goal of life. Scripture endorse that such seeker will get a right guru and will taste liberation. Keep moving and do not stop till you reach your goal.

By Dr Deepak Shukla

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