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A Roadmap To Success

Updated: February 14, 2015 7:30 am

Success is something which is so dear that everyone seeks it. Success means different things to different people. For some, success is about being successful in your career, others think that success is about being good at school or university and getting good marks. Yet others think that success is about being successful in life. Of course, everyone seeks success and wants to be successful, but not everyone can be successful. Being successful in a career doesn’t mean that this person is successful in his life. There is more to success in life than just brilliance and intelligence of a high order. While these are useful attributes, it is a cold reality that mediocrity scores over brilliance many a time. Sometimes, success can be ascribed to a rare sense of enterprise, at other times to extraordinary drive, courage and initiative, or skilful networking or even to pure luck.

In today’s world, some reap success through subterfuge and deception. But when the means adopted are questionable, not only are the satisfaction levels at a low ebb but they can also lead to jail. Therefore, one cannot recommend such cheats as role models. Clearly, there is an added lustre attached to those who maintain their value system and yet make a success of what they do. Such people are held in high esteem by those around them and emerge as their role models.

Mantras For Success: What it takes to reach the top has been categorized into two sections. Peppered with interesting real-life situations, Section 1 deals with the secrets of success of those who synthesize intrinsic merit with human values. It lays out a prescription for inculcating qualities of courage, humility, integrity, hard work, an abundance mindset, wisdom, discipline, responsibility, commitment, kindness, sharing and caring, friendship, loyalty, gratitude, grace, charity and consideration for others. Palliatives to achieve happiness and coming to terms with life when in distress are also part of the prescriptive process.

Section 2 deals with such desirable attitudes, reactions and habits that shape success. The emphasis is on developing these. They, in turn, help to shape the right responses to situations at work and life which stand one in good stead. Character, values and attitudes are, in the ultimate analysis, the foundation of success at work and in life. This section takes one through: solving problems, managing time, art of strategic thinking, crisis and disaster management, taking difficult decisions in hazy and uncertain conditions, making trade-offs, strategising, winning and losing, turning failure into success and learning from both.

It guides one on how to gently and skilfully handle criticism, anger, jealousy, limelight, success, power, failure, fear and other emotions and situations. Failure to handle emotions and emotional storms with maturity and balance is a frequent cause of failure in life. It also suggests how to learn and unlearn, pursue lifelong learning and handle the golden quarter of one’s life.

Shiv Malik, the author of the book shares with the reader what actually happens in a job and in life, which is seldom taught in business schools. His entire approach is anecdotal with the emphasis being on drawing the right lessons from real-life situations as Kishan S. Rana, former Indian Ambassador has rightly put” Couched in business terms, this is a guide to the business of life.”

By Nilabh Krishna


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