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A Rip-Roaring Read

Updated: August 7, 2010 11:53 am

The book is a unique account of the life of a beautiful woman struggling to strike a balance between the head and the heart. In fact, the book is like a fight from the start to the finish. Some people keep brooding over their fall, while others make the brave effort to stand on their feet again and boldly cross the obstacles that come in their way to success. At the end, it is the latter that emerge victorious.

            The book starts with a lady who is running from her past, where her dreams were pestle. She found difficult to stand by her decision to end her wedding on the first night, as her parents also abjured her. But fate had something else wrapped for her. She stands up against whatever she feels unjust. And when it seems that nothing can go wrong for her, the Almighty decide to frown upon her. Her battle to balance between heart and head continues to eclipse her happy contented life. As she lets passions soar high in the sky, it does not take much time for her to fall miserably on the hard ground, very much like the peacock that loses all its fervour in the midst of its rain dance, when faced with reality of its ugly feet.

            The story moves on a fact that men and women are quite different by nature, and so is their individual approach towards love and life. The writer emphasises that today marital relationships have gone sour because of too much emphasis is laid either on logic or on the heart. Both the extremes lead to an incomplete, unfulfilled existence. Life sure is uncertain and there is no so-called tried and tested formula for happiness. The book is beautifully written, which holds the interest of the reader and is very comprehensive. The writer, a mining engineer, has beaded the words which inspire the readers to fight their way in life like his protagonist Sheena. He also suggests a formula of KUTAL, which is to know each other, when we have the knowledge, we build understanding, as we understand each other we start to tolerate each other, this tolerance is a base of acceptance, and acceptance finally gives a way to love.

            The book leaves the mind pondering over the fact that life in one moment is so beautiful and pleasant, while the next moment how suddenly the fate can turn the tables. It is love that creates illusions of life.

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By Sachin Kaushik

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