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A Poet’s Symphony

Updated: July 8, 2022 11:09 am

Squadron Leader Nalini Kalra served in  the Indian Air Force for 10 Years as an Admin Officer and whilst in service she completed her MBA.

Nalini’s accomplishments evoke the words of Tagore- “I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. Behold…service was joy.” She has indeed translated these thoughts of Tagore into her ongoing endeavours which include writing poetry and pursuing various academic courses. Each of these pursuits have resulted in “Joy” . Utility of time in this enterprising manner bestows one with the sense of fulfillment.

The word, symphony, interprets an engaging  composition of music and Nalini’s self published volume of 134 pages,  titled, The Rays of Dawn, are a delightful repertoire of poems encompassing different spheres of Life. The first poem, Feel the joy, transports the reader instantly into the freedom of nature to explain that it is all around us.  “I want to be with the air That tempts me to its lair.

I want to live every day keeping all struggles at bay. I wish to feel the joy!”

Her poem on the trials and tribulations of life, Notes on Life,  reminds one that we must endure different swings during life’s journey. “Like the notes of a piano Life has its highs and lows.”

In,  Awaiting the New Dawn,  Nalini has expressed that not with standing the lows in life, there is enough to look forward to and one need not give up.

“I await the change of season When life shall have a new reason.…happiness shall be my domain.”

Her poem titled, Father, is manifest with adoration and affection. It reflects a father’s role in life and moves forward explaining  a father’s love and care.  “You struggled as we grew, You slogged just to see us smile.

You kept the pedestal high and  encouraged us to touch the sky. “

We transform ourselves and in a different perspective find a comparison with a plant. “Through nature’s unique urn into a thing of beauty I turn I shine and slowly transform…”

Faith is the key to our qualities;  that alone inspires a person to reach further targets. Tagore compares faith to the bird which sings when the “Dawn is still dark.” Nalini Kalra resonates the faith she has in herself. This book of her poems, with a Foreward by ACM S P Tyagi (Retd.) PVSM,  is one example.

The rays of dawn

squadron leader nalini kalra (retd)

Systems Shimla

Pages : 134

Price:  1200


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