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A Pioneering Teacher

Updated: September 25, 2010 12:15 pm

A good teacher is like a candle—it consumes itself to light the way for others. Dedicated and innovative educationist Mr Ashok Pandey is one such teacher. He was honoured with CBSE Award for Teacher by the HRD Minister Mr Kapil Sibal on Teacher’s Day at a function held by CBSE in New Delhi. He was awarded for his outstanding and valuable services in the field of education. He pursues excellence and has aim to improve the quality of life and services of the wider community through education. In a chat with Uday India, he said: “I am very glad and feeling proud for receiving this award. It became possible with the collaborative efforts of all children, teachers, and lots of other people attached with me, and long years of experience with dedication and devotion also. But at the same time, expectations of everyone have also raised and hopefully I will do my best to fulfil those expectations.”

                Mr Pandey is currently contributing to Ahlcon International School with great toil, being the Principal of the school. Making his intentions clearer, he said: “I started my career as a young science teacher 27 years ago. I love to spend lot of time with children, understanding their mind and level of curiosity. Later on, as the Principal of Ahlcon International School, I first focussed on a progrmme, centered on the over-all development of our children. And overall development here means physical, mental, intellectual, social and creative development of students. All these cannot be done without a trained, committed and encouraged group of teachers. Secondly, I laid emphasis on developing a committed group of teachers. The third feature is collaborative communication with the parents.”

                On questioning about the theoretical work environment ruining the basic foundation of students, he maintained: “The new system which has been introduced is the answer to the question. Teachers and schools must have to try and extend our teaching from subject centric to life-skill centric. Our Indian youth are today excelling in every field, whether it is technology, medicine or astronaut but need of the hour is to impart them essential values of life. And this involves personal family value, social, environmental and universal values.”

                Numerous presentations and guest lectures have been presented by the talented and soft-spoken Mr Pandey. He was also awarded with the Delhi Ratna Award by All India Council of Intellectuals. He attributes his great professional life and generous human nature to his role models. “I have a three-dimensional view of role models. Firstly, my teachers in the past, secondly, Indian history, which is full of great teachers like Dr Radhakrishnan, and lastly, my contemporaries, i.e. my senior colleagues, who are doing well,” he avers.

By Sonia Chawla

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