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A nervous and uninformed man !

By Rajesh Pathak
Updated: December 6, 2022 1:44 pm

Rahul Gandhi has a nervous and uninformed quality about himself, as if he were a student who had done the course work and was the eager to impress his teacher, but deep down lacked either the aptitude or passion to master the subject.” Former US President Barack Obama says this in his book- ‘A promised land’. It was debated a lot during his visit to India. On the other side, having proved Obama right many a time in his political life, Rahul yet again repeated the same mistake regarding RashtriyaSwayamSewakSangh (RSS). His comment is that when revolutionary TantyaBheel was fighting for the freedom of the country, RSS stood helping the British. And this has got to be the hot debating point in the social media also.

Truth of the matter is that Tantya was arrested and sent to the jail by Haji Nasrulla Khan Yusuf Zai in 1878. But Tantya broke away from the jail and got himself set free. Later through deception a British officer managed to imprision him yet again, subsequently hanging him to death. This incident occurred on December 4, 1889; whereas RSS was founded after many years in 1925 in Nagpur.

“Christ is the real god. God reveals himself as a man, a real person…not like Shakti(strength).” This controversial remark came from Tamil padre, George Ponanya, when Rahul met him during the early stage of ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’. Actually Rahul is required to ask this question from Ponanya as to what was the role of Christian missionaries during the freedom struggle.



Only one instance of martyred Birsa Munda would be enough for him to get his concept clear. When grown up, accompanied by his father, the boy Birsa reached the German mission school at Chaibasa (Jharkhand) to start the study. What he found there was that he could not at all be allowed admission in the school. For he was still a Hindu then, and not before he had adopted Christianity that he could get admission in the school. Before unabated intense desire of Birsa of learning his family succumbed to adopt Christianity. Giving him admission in the school the padre of the Church within the premise changed his name to be Birsa David.

After the completion of education, as Birsa was leading the simple life of a common man that he came into the contact of then a famous Vaishnav saint, Anand Pandey. Gaining his proximity, the inborn Hindu sanskaras [virtues] in Birsa gained resurgence again, there of paving the way for him to come back to the fold of Hinduism. As he went ahead with his studying of Hindu scriptures like Ramayana, Mahabharata and Gita more, his mind began to bend upon leading the life of an austere.

And, lastly, he set out for living far away from the people in isolation- only to come back after four years, having undergone deep penance. Now, he was before the people again, but transformed into a Hindu Mahatma attired with yellow dhoti, wooden khadau [foot wears] and vermilion-mark on the forehead. Inspired by him, the fellow Vanvasis- earlier misguided by bigoted Christian missionaries, and distracted from Hinduism- yet again initiated worshipping the basil and cow, reading Ramayana and living the life in virtues of good conduct. This transformation among the people was taken by missionaries as threat to themselves, and their ‘mission’. They conspired with British Commissioner of Ranchi and got Birsa arrested under false allegations of being anti-establishment. Birsa was sent to the Hajaribagh jail. And, having spent two years in jail, Birsa was freed and he led an armed revolution of his tribal brothers against misrule of British, and was then martyred. This is real history!


By Rajesh Pathak

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