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A Leader From The Front

Updated: April 20, 2016 10:38 am

There is a dearth of leadership in the country, who can lead the nation from the front and take it, to the zenith with his vision, planned mission and hard work. This is possible only when visionary leaders from our society volunteer themselves for the nation. One such name is Colonel ( Retd.) Diptanshu Chaudhury. Although the name is not well known in the political pitch of the largest democracy of the world, the life he led so far speaks volume about him. The zeal and deep patriotism inspired Col. ( Retd.) Diptanshu to leave his glorious life behind and plunge into action to serve the nation differently and join politics to stay connected to the people directly and do good to them.

This year he joined politics, and now, he is a BJP candidate from Asansol (South) assembly constituency  for the ongoing assembly elections in West Bengal. Now-a-days his constituency is his living mission, where he is busy in the door-to-door campaign, meeting and understanding the need of the people, where he has already earned love and respect of the people in a very short span of time.

24-04-2016Let us go back and know more about this young and spirited leader. Col. ( Retd.) Diptanshu started his career in armed forces with a bang, exposed to daily cross-border firing and constantly replying back with grit and valour. He actively served in counter-insurgency areas and took active part in Operation Vijay during the Kargil war in 1999 and Operation Parakram in 2001. He was responsible for the operational logistics planning during the  Kargil War in the battle zone.

According to Col.(Retd.)  Diptanshu, it was a rare opportunity to be part of such operations and exposed to management of battlefield scenario. An experience of its kind for any soldier’s dream, wherein defeating all the logic and human perseverance at 12000 ft under extreme temperature and rocky terrain, the Operation Vijay will be referred to time and again in all military history of  warfares.

The sportsmanship in him makes him a different person altogether, maybe this is why his sportsmanship spirit can be seen in his words and actions round the clock. Col. (Retd.) Diptanshu is a trained rower, who led the Jal Shakti Rowing Expedition, which went into Limca Book of Records as the longest rowing expedition from Haridwar to Hoogly covering 2400 kilometres on river Ganga for 36 days in 1996. It was flagged by the then Defence Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav. He did not stopped there,  and again he rowed from Farakka  to  Hoogly in 2005 as a precursor to the Blue Nile Expedition. He also raised the Corps Rowing team for Army Ordnance Corps in the year 1994, which won many medals during the years. The challenges of the Jal Shakti expedition on the entire stretch of the Ganges were very hard and immense but leaving aside all odds, he completed the stretch and established a new record.

He is a deep sea diver, trained under careful eyes of the Special Forces (Para Commandoes) and MARCOS (marine commandoes). He has received commendation cards from two Army Commanders for his outstanding overall contribution to the Army. He took over the command in Kota Rapid Division in Rajasthan in 2012 and revamped the complete unit professionally and administratively within a year. The unit under his command excelled in all military activities. He constructed a New Sarva Dharma Sthal and named it Vivekananda Sthal. For his outstanding contribution, the unit was chosen the best unit in the South Western Command and received unit citation in 2013, a rare and distinguished honour and a first of its kind for a logistics unit in peace. This reflects his skill and established him as a visionary leader.

 Col. (Retd.) Diptanshu Chaudhury has a emotional and social side too, which is evident from the good work he initiated during his tenure in Kota, Rajasthan when Healong, a sportwear comnpany, and his wife Paromita Chaudhury started a school for the children of migrant labourers in 2013. It was initially funded from his own pocket but within few months other officers and jawans joined him. The school which, was started with 120 children, now is a big banyan tree. Every children in the school, along with study, is served with nutritious breakfast and lunch, the expense of which was initially bore by the officer and his wife, as he believes: “If we fail to bring children especially girl child to the mainstream of the society, then India will never be a developed nation.” The woman folk have to take the lead of our society. He cites a very simple, yet powerful example, when he says, “ Just see your own house without women,  and then a home cannot be an organised place to live, because  there love, affection and care must  be  missing”.


An IIM, Indore alumnus, Col.  (Retd.) Diptanshu Chaudhury was a student of Calcutta Boys School and after graduating from Goenka College Of Commerce joined  the Military Academy after clearing the UPSC examination and SSB in 1992. By then the officer had already excelled in the sport of rowing by winning the gold medal in Junior Nationals Rowing Championship in 1987 defeating the Army team from CME and NDA in the finals. He had won a number of other gold medals at State, National and All India University

levels. To his credit, he even won the prestigious Venables Bowl trophy (gold medal) in the East Asian Rowing Championship in 1990. The officer did remarkably well in the Military Academy, where he was commissioned in 1993. He also studied Senior Command course in the prestigious Army War College and a post-graduate in Supply Chain Management from College of Materials Management, Jabalpur. He  learned executive management programme from IIM, Indore. He has devised leadership and motivational capsule courses for students of management institutes and other business schools including company executives so as to achieve objectives and led a stress-free balanced quality life.

He served the nation in 11 states of India for 22 years, with challenging tenures in Jammu and Kashmir and the North-East in the counter-insurgency operations as an Army officer. His involvement actively in the  Operation Vijay during the Kargil in 1999, National and State level championship in rowing and social aspects make Col. ( Retd.) Diptanshu  a class apart from others. A born leader who leads the nation from the front, sportsmanship in spirit and social aspects are the introduction of his being very sensitive towards the social issues.

An ardent follower of Swami Vivekananda, Col. (Retd.) Diptanshu stresses the need to draw inspiration from the West, but stick to the values of India. “We must learn to respect our woman and give them importance, as in the West despite of their diminishing family values, they give equal importance and respect to the opposite sex,” he affirms.

Whatever may be the outcome of the elections, the spirit of patriotism is going to work within this young leader round the clock, who believes in these words and prescribes to every one – to strive, to seek, to find and not to yield”.

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