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A Land of Rare Exceptions

By Shivnarayan Singh and Upendra Biswal
Updated: December 8, 2021 2:43 pm

As if war with natural calamities is written in the luck of the land. It is fighting against odds all through the year. Whenever nature obstruct the roads of progress, people there make more concerted jump to go ahead. That country is a land of volcanoes. Added to this, 90 percent land is earthquake prone. It is surrounded by endless waters of oceans, as if eying to engulf it entirely. One can see the the horrors of calamities. In spite of encountering ‘Tsunami’ like natural calamities throughout the year, the country is going ahead. Facing all odd situations, like eagle of storm, Indonesia is marching forward with determination for descent and development. Not religious fanaticism, rather the fundamentals of land is the speciality of Jakarta. Recently Indonesia is in the news world wide for a different reason. Among big and small 17000 islands of Indonesia, ‘Bali’ is an important island of that country. It has witnessed an epoch making incident. Inhabited by highest number of Muslims (21 crores), a special eye catching program was organised there on 26th October, 2021 which was attended by so many celebrities. In that special program Sukmabati Sukarnaputri,69 years old younger sister of existing 7th President of Indonesia, has embraced Hinduism by forsaking Islam. Her such heroic step has been welcomed by all members of her family including her offsprings. Sukmabati, the founder of Indonesia National Party (INP) is most respected, well known leader of that country. Though married to Adipati Arya, she had taken Talaq (divorce) long ago. Before deciding to adopt Hinduism,she has discussed with exponents of different faiths and beliefs and also had studied various scriptures. After undertaking such exercises, she finally came to conclusion that ‘Sanatan / Hindu Dharma is the most liberal, tolerant and scientific religion.

Not only she alone, rather her more than 30 thousand followers have also embraced Hinduism. Let it to be noted that in Bangladesh, whose liberation from Pakistan was facilitated by Bharat, it’s minority Hindu population is being massacred, when Hindus were being persecuted by jihadi elements in two Islamic countries of undivided India, at the same time, this function was being organised in Indonesia, the most Muslim inhabited country of the world. Moreover, when Congress leader Salman Khurshid has compared Hindutwa with ISIS and Bokoharam in his recently published book and created controversy in our country, at the very same time, Govt of Indonesia has established first Hindu University in Bali Island in the name of ‘Sugrib’ which will work as a research center on Hindu culture and tradition. This country where Muslim comprise 90 percentage of the total population, once it was a Hindu country five hundred years ago. History reveals that the kings of Sreevijay empire were ruling there till 15th century. Though people there adopted Islam for any reason, they have not forgotten their past Hindu roots, rich cultures and traditions. In spite of being a Muslim society, they are still practicing Hindu way of life. ‘Ram’ is the national pride and Identity of Indonesia but in India communal fighting is seen in the name of Ram.’Batara Guru’, one of incarnation of Lord Shiva is national deity there. ‘Garuda’ is their national emblem of carriers. Almost all their names are of Sanskrit origin.Whenever a new baby is born, he/she is given a name of Sanskrit origin, like ‘Sukarno’, ‘Suharto’ , ‘Meghabati’ , ‘Sukmabati’ etc. The picture of Lord Ganesha  is printed in their currency.

Not the Arabic culture,rather Bharatiya culture is their Lifeline. For us ‘Hindutwa’ is a way of worship only, but for them it is an ideal way of life. Perennial thought process of Hindutwa is their root source of success. The characters, not images of Hindu deities is important for them. Perhaps this is the reason why Indonesia is more peaceful, disciplined and happy country than our land Bharat. Following the examples of Lord Ram, Krishna and Ganesh, the Indonesians are obedient and respectful to their parents. As per Govt directive, a special function is celebrated in every school, where mothers are invited and worshipped by their children. This is why unlike India, the parents in old age are not neglected and victimized. Old-age homes are rarely seen in that land. The land is so engrossed and enriched by Bharatiya culture that the people are never misguided or misled by Islamic Fundamentalism. Lord Ram and Krishna are well known in every household. The ‘Ramayan’ is not only read and worshipped, it’s various scenes are enacted on stage like our ‘Ramlila’.  In a world Muslim conference, when a question was put  to the then President who was representing Indonesia, that being a Muslim country why are you are observing Hindu cultural traditions so scrupulously,  the President proudly answered, We have changed our way of worship, not our way of life. Islam is our way of worship and Hinduism is our way of life. How can we forget our forefathers. We are proud to be descendants of Lord Ram.

Let us now peruse the pages of excellence of Indonesia. Education is the measuring rod of assessing  how progressive a nation is. It is also like identity card of the country. Because it is the education which brings awareness and consciousness among the people, as a result of which people’s strength becomes nation’s strength. A highly literate nation becomes successful in every sphere of national life. In 2020, the literacy rate in Indonesia was 97%, where as in  India it was 77%. Women literacy was more than 94% (70% in India). The future of a nation is made in the four walls of class/school. Likewise, fortune of a country is also developed in the play ground. Indonesia, a country of only 27 crores population garnered total 98 medals, including 31 gold and 34 silver in 2018 Asiad, whereas India got only 69 in that sports event. In the Olympics India has received 35 medals so far (12 nos only in Hockey), whereas that small country got 37 medals. In the recent Tokyo Olympics, 134 sportspersons of India brought home a record 7 medals (1,2,4). On the other hand 28 sportspersons of Indonesia brought 5 (1,1,3) medals. In the previous Olympics also they got 1 gold and 2 silver medals and more ahead in medal tally compared to our nation.

In the field of economic development, Indonesia is world’s 17th economics. Even in 2012, it supercede India in economic growth and became Asia’s 2nd biggest economics, just one rank behind China. Marching journey of Jakarta in the sphere of education, health, infrastructure, environment and tourism is spectacular. Following Hindutwa culture, this land has been showcasing it’s excellent presence in world arena, which is exceptionally rare and worth of emulation. If the Islamic black which is torturing the globe by its jihadi terrorism emulate Indonesia, a follow Islamic country, then how peaceful will be our planet really!!!


By Shivnarayan Singh and Upendra Biswal

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