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A kneejerk Reaction

Updated: February 26, 2016 2:33 pm

I would like to say three things, first of all, whosoever gave anti-national statements, are not confined to JNU students only, there were students from Jamia Islamia University and some Kashmiri students who are all culprits of sloganeering anti-national slogans. To say JNU students are anti-nationals and derogate them is not right at all. Secondly, some asked for permit for a meet but JNU authority denied it, so later on they decided to hold meeting at a dhaba. Suddenly, some started raising slogans and one can’t do anything about it. I strongly condemn the anti-national statements which hurt, the national sentiment, whosoever raised it, does not matter. And everybody is scared about it.

I was the President of JNUSU, and we fought bitter battles against Congress and BJP whoever was in establishment. It is hard to believe JNU is anti-national as I heard somebody wants to return degree and certificates. Thirdly, debate and discussion without any fear is the hallmark of the university. After the recent incident Rahul Gandhi went to JNU and asked the student whether they know Hitler. And students replied that they don’t. For, what kind of language is this? JNU students are matured learners. Let’s not politicise the institution. JNU is an institution that can deal with all the exigencies. JNU does not need any external forces to dissipate all these problems. I contested election at JNU where I spent only 30 rupees and it went smoothly. The day political parties come to the scenario, it will corrupt the whole system.

05-03-2016Arresting the student union president is an overreaction. It could have been done in other ways and if you find him guilty then give him punishment but you should not come inside, crack down and defame the whole institution. Those who raised anti-India statements need stronger punishment. Raising slogan against Prime Minister for others at fault is not good at all. Let sanity prevail’s all over the country. There must be tolerance. This is a kneejerk reaction. We can have discussion over if hanging of Afzal Guru was right or wrong. Even ex-HRD Minister Kapil Sibal had said in the same manner. But raising anti-India slogans is not right at all. It is a beautiful campus, let the beauty remain and do not destroy its beauty; do not let it become another den of goondas and footloose people. It hurts when people term you anti-national. There was a time when we used to have friends from both the streams; we used to hurl abuses at each other in the morning and would have tea in the evening together. Now, it pains a lot when we hear such things about our university.

(The writer is former President, JNUSU and does not wish to divulge his name.)

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