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A Good Book For Varsity Students

Updated: May 11, 2013 12:56 pm

An ideology represents a set of ideas which tends to offer an explanation of human nature, human aspirations and human faculties. Political ideas, as perceived by human beings, have a great potential. Ideas are more powerful than man and his weapon.

As said pen is mightier than sword. The new (second) edition: Political ideas and ideologies, is one of such text book which will greatly help and be more useful for university students, more to those who opt for Political Science Honours. Author of the book O P Gauba who had taught in the Delhi University from 1967-2004, has written the book in lucid style, complicated concepts are made simple and explanatory through diagrams, flow charts and comparative charts. Important quotations are given in boxes.

Important political ideas and ideologies have been introduced by the author in a comparative and critical perspective with a view to highlight the significant issues of contemporary political theory. It is divided into three main parts. Part I deals with perspective of political theory. It focuses on nature of politics, nature and significance of political theory traditions, approaches and critical perspectives concerning political theory. A new section on ‘Anarchist Tradition’ has been introduced in the chapter on traditions of political theory, Part II deals with major concept of political theory beginning with concept of democracy, freedom, equality, justice and rights.

The sections on simple and complex equality and justice have been recast in a new frame. Part III scrutinises the prominent issues of debate in contemporary political theory, including freedom of thought and expression, justification of the positive action, vindication of capital punishment, status of the human rights, rights of girl child, essentials of democratic citizenship and ground of political obligation. In this new edition many new arguments have been introduced and examined.

Macmillan publishers of India have done an excellent job with a clear printing which is soothing to the eyes. After going through the book, one can easily comment that some outstanding ideas grow into ideologies. An ideology symbolises a programme touching various aspects of human society- whether to bring about a change in its institutions or to resist a change already taking place.

At last author left it to the reader to judge the book as he feels the readers are the best judge of a book than the author.

By Atanu Bhattacharya  

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