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A Futuristic Bracelet

Updated: March 14, 2015 12:20 pm

A device, which can become a high-tech fashionista’s best friend, gives an inside out of how our futuristic jewellery would look like

What if your jewellery can change its design with just a touch? Well it is now possible with the E Ink-based tago arc bracelet. The bracelet is a perfect blend of E Ink and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology which can change the appearance of your jewellery to match your mood and outfit.

The tago arc cleverly integrates the best of both worlds—technology and fashion. As E Ink and NFC are both eco-friendly progressive technologies, the bracelet display only needs a little energy to change physical structure, and once changed it could stay that way practically for several years. The device showcases 16 colour greyscale with a smooth pixel density of 150ppi.

In order to change the displayed picture on the tago arc and transmit enough energy for the device to work, the user has to place his/her smartphone to precisely match both NFC chips, but this will be aided by a positioning system in your app, the image transfer is very straightforward and secure. The tago arc uses NFC instead of Bluetooth, because NFC is easier to use, smoother and consumes less energy overall. NFC induces enough energy during image transfer so that the small E Ink display is able to reconstruct the chosen image. The image transfer interval is currently 15 seconds, depending on the smartphone device and the image complexity when holding the phone precisely to the NFC chip. The company is working on time efficiency to minimize this time interval. Please note that the actual transfer time may increase when NFC chips are not aligned properly.


Currently it is not available for the Apple users as Apple’s NFC is only restricted to Apple Pay. The company has used a flexible E Ink displays and flexible hardware for the tago arc, but the arc itself has a fixed shape. The company will be manufacturing it in 3 different sizes small, medium and large. The material of the bracelet will be surgical stainless steel with precious metal coating for the standard bracelets and precious metal for the truly silver and gold bracelets.

By Rohan Pal

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