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A Fabulous Forgery

Updated: July 17, 2015 4:30 am

Satiricus likes to read fiction. That includes Muslim history books where it is written that the Veda is the Indian edition of the Quran. He thought he could not have read a more interesting work of fiction. But apparently he thought wrong. It seems what Muslims can do, Christians can do better. For Bible as history is even more interesting as fiction. Take this famous ‘Shroud of Turin’, the burial cloth of crucified Jesus. During a recent visit to Turin Pope Francis prayed where it is on display to show his veneration for it, and said it “should spur people to reflect on Jesus”. However, he said nothing about whether it was really Jesus’s burial cloth.

Why should he? Why spoil a mystery story, or rather, a thrilling chapter in the mystery novel called the Bible? So Satiricus must scold those scientific sceptics who say that piece of cloth is a “masterful medieval forgery” which carbon-dating tests in 1988 dated it between 1260 and 1390. If so, so what ? Why should this piece of cloth not be an interesting piece of forgery when the whole Bible is a much more interesting work of forgery according to a number of Western scholars ?

Why, “the Bible begins with a forgery, “says Charles Smith, Editor of Truth Seeker. He points out that “In the beginning God” should really read “in the beginning the Gods”, because the Hebrew word Elohim is plural. He then quotes many deliberately mistranslated passages, and finally concludes – “Fraud begot the Bible and sustains it.” Another Bible scholar by name Bart Ehrman has written a best-selling book titled Misquoting Jesus in which he has reportedly claimed that “the Bible may have been forged, as several New Testament books were actually written by people who lied about their identity, pretending to be the apostles Peter, Paul or James.”

In fine the Bible is fiction, a novel, which is fine withSatiricus. The hero of this novel is Jesus. Researchers of the Dead Sea Scrolls like John Allegro and Dupont-Sommerhave concluded that Jesus probably never really existed. But why should he, when the Bible is a novel ? So hats off to the fabulous forgers of this fabled fiction.

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