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A cryptic overview of philosophies

Updated: November 2, 2018 2:25 pm

Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism are all India-born religions, which have many elements and vocabulary of Hinduism. Further, every religion has a big list of beliefs and ‘dos and don’ts’.  India is highly populated, is diverse and has numerous problems and attitudes. The book Wisdom helps people from a wide variety of backgrounds to improve their wisdom by reflecting on the contents and actively participate in the process of nation’s building.  The author did his bit towards the above endeavour.

Our country is highly heterogeneous in terms of so many parameters and has a long way to become a power to reckon with. If not exactly the same situation with many other countries, particularly under developed and developing also have a long way to go. There had been many conflicts in the past and there can be many in future too. It is not possible to predict the nature and magnitude of the problems, which any society/country can face. So, future is not free from all sorts of fear and anxiety. Hence, there is a need for people to become philosophical to cope up with the miseries of life besides being practical too and taking the necessary efforts. In view of the above, a cryptic overview of some philosophies has been given along with 444 opinions/comments. The opinions/comments fall under economics, philosophy, history, sociology, education, science and technology, politics, human relations, quotes and quips pertaining to different topics. Though the points have been mentioned keeping our country in mind, many of them can find applicability to other countries too.

The book emphasises that do not be proud of your personality, youth, wealth, mansions, etc, for time will devour everything and you will be laid on a pyre or buried and subsequently grass will grow on that place which will be grazed by the animals. We are like those flowers that bloom for a while and fall off. The vast majority of people are ignorant of their divine nature. All pervading God inside you is indestructible. This Kabir calls Ram, i.e. the indwelling supreme as Ram. If there is no fence to a farm and access is given to wild beasts, they will eat away all the harvest. Similarly, you should construct a fence of knowledge and discrimination and do not allow any access to wild beasts of lust etc, which may eat away your actual harvest, which is service, good company and devotion.

The author outlines that you should be the same in thought, word and deed. Even if obstacles and sufferings come in your way, keep patience and shed ego, which is a poison. When we talk about philosophy, we should not think we are moving away from the world. In fact, many books by western authors on personality development, stress management, success formula books, etc, the power of prayer, the power of faith and many ideas found in religious scriptures are mentioned. One should be firm after deciding to act and avoid undue delay in execution. Neither one take up acts that are likely to end in disaster nor should one get disheartened if an act taken up, even after due deliberation, ends in failure.         .

The book attempts to appraise in the form of short and sensible sentences, numerous view points and issues relevant to the country. In a short time, the text can create a large amount of awareness among large number of people, who can become an asset to the country. This book will cater to the needs of a large and wider audience from different age groups and educational backgrounds. It would enrich one’s general knowledge and will help one to build up one’s own opinions and help one  acquire wisdom.

By Ashok Kumar

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