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Communism a Threat to Humanism: CORONA a New Weapon

By Dr A. Mohapatra
Updated: May 5, 2020 2:39 pm

Communism kills and this is not debatable as the record is crystal clear. As per the records of the U.S Senate Internal Sub-Committee report at least 35 million to 45 million had been killed in the Soviet Union while around 34 million to 62.5 million in communist China. And even the apologists of communism acknowledge that Communism in the past has killed people and they blame it on the political culture of that country. But one should not be in delusion. Even today Communism kills.

If one studies Manifesto of communism one would discover that it discards the eternal truths, religions and all morality except that which promote their propaganda. It is no secret that the fixed objective of Communist is the conquest of the world what they called as liberation and conversion of all free people into their version of new man called comrade. The world communism cannot be done without a violent revolution as Mao has propagated or killing of all those created by the systems other than communism. The idea of communism therefore is largely based on violence that includes massacre, mass killings and guerilla warfare. The Communism as the world knows is an ‘evil ideology’ sustained in tandem with dictatorship and authoritarian leadership as we have seen Stalin in Soviet Union, Mao in China and Kim in Korea and many other. And not surprisingly Lenin had an expression for people like this as “useful Idiots”. To our utter surprise even the apologists acknowledge that in communism there is something called ‘good’ Lenin and ‘wicked’ Stalin. But let me tell you in the Black Book of Communism there is neither good nor bad only Red exist. This philosophy of Red is based on genocide even in vaster scale than Nazism and it doesn’t respect any international law or norms as such.

If you can reflect on the totalitarian tendency exhibited by dictatorial leader like Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini and Mao and has indiscriminately killed free voice of free man and muzzled democracy and its core values in their respective countries and through their comrades and paid media across the world to actualize their objective of making the world communist. And they would continue to do so until they crumble on their own misdeeds like the Soviet Union.

Well now history has witnessed effect of these so-called classless states. Party dictatorship and Police regime by sheer hardship and cruelty are executed as part of their revolutionary tactics to silent the people with different opinions, ruthlessness has become an official policy while love, sympathy, truthfulness, forgiveness and other tender qualities of godliness are seen as bourgeois weakness. While the communist states have transformed themselves as party states, the concern for the members of their great society is missing and equality is no where yet Marx profess Humanism is nothing else but Marxism and their filthy dreamers want to supplant the Godly traditions with ungodly (communist) totalitarianism and atheism and they name it a ‘New World Order.

In order to achieve that order they have adopted every means as fair and are unaccountable to anything as the things in existence are not communism. While they are free to every opinion, largely remained intolerant of the opinion of others or disgraced them as ignorant. One can well expose their world of truth as they preach the most inhumane killings of lakhs of people in Tiananmen Square in China as part of revolutionary strategy but condemn any action in non-communist states to preserves and protect the rule of law as state sponsored terrorism. One thing is crystal clear that they suffer from colour blindness for them Red is good (although a sign of danger for rest of the world) and Saffron is bad.

It is true that during the cold war days Communism has adopted an anti-Christianity tendency to counter the U.S and in recent times it has adopted an anti-Hindu phobia to demean Hindu cultural practices and its age-old sacrosanct traditions as unscientific and bogus. They have allied with other anti-India forces across the border and the Jihadi elements inside the country to defame India and tarnish its image in whatever way possible. In India, the borrowed ideology which is in the verge of dying in the contemporary political scenario has followed the same pattern of violence in Bengal, Tripura and Kerala and killed many innocents in those states. Non-acceptance and intolerance of others view and democratic values by the communist and ultra-leftist not only dividing the country on religion, caste and region basis but also offering open support to the neighboring Jihadis for innocent killings of Indians.

As we understand Communism – the only truth for the communist although truth is a relative concept has open to all means to counter the non-communist ideologies in realizing their goal of world communism. And many are of the opinion that COVID-19 (Corona) perhaps is the new communist weapon to turn the global balance of power in their favour. The deadly disease surfaced in China first has caused calamities all across the globe minus China with an exception of Wuhan has prompted the world public opinion to ponder upon the Chinese hand in the virus and statesman don’t sideline that the physical aggression of China in not very old days are transformed into biological aggression through CORONA virus recently. And this probably is the new avatar of communism to change the world order into their desired pattern and for that anything is justified under communist manifesto.

The doubt over the ‘Chinese Virus’ further deepens and exposes the communist hypocrisy that the Virus originate in Wuhan doesn’t prefer to travel Beijing and Shanghai only hundred plus kilometers from each other and instead goes abroad might be the plan in place for international communism. Importantly, the virus without any vaccine or medicine killed millions and destabilizes the economy of several countries, could only kill three thousand odd people in China although its medical and clinical records are dubious and patchy in comparison to the worst hit countries like Italy, Germany, France U.K, and the U.S. Is not true that the virus which originated in Wuhan does not impact the contiguous states of China but effectively spread through Italy using the democratic values of Italy, but the question remains how? The simple answer to this question is the Chinese Communist sleeper cells spread the virus in Italy exploiting its democratic values. And these sleeper cells are just not active in Europe and America; they are also widely in action in India as well.

As we know, Coroan’s entry in India was delayed by few weeks, it was well responded by the present Government under the effective leadership of our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. However, the corona virus catapulted with communism flavor got a strong booster with Jihadi elements’ carrier. The most unfortunate Markaz congregation became an epicenter of corona has witnessed the Jihadi mindset carrying the virus and creating deliberate hindrance to fight against corona. The inhumane behavior of Jamati of Tabligi Jamat supported and justified by the left intellectuals further proves the symbiotic relations between the Jihadis and communists in India. Though politically the ideology is dead in India yet on ventilator with the tacit help of disguised academicians on pay roll of their communist brethren on hell bent to spread atheism, anarchy and religious violence through their ideological discourses in India and the case of Corona is a classic evidence of this.

The totalitarian ideology which disproves the values and ethos of democracy, its intellectuals try to justify the inhumane act of Jamatis on national mainstream and social media. The relentless and murderous attacks on the doctors, Nurses, paramedical staffs and police forces are being justified with flimsy arguments by the communist ideologues. The recent attack of Safai Karmacharis in Indore by some Jihadis further proves their mindset against Dalit upon whom they have been in political connivance for dividing India on caste lines. The clandestine alliance of Communists and Jihadis become so intolerant and anti-democracy that they have started questioning all the four pillars of democracy particularly the media and judiciary. Their continuing support against anti-India and anti-democracy is well evident in the recent mob lynching and killing of two Hindu saints and subsequent attack on Republic TV editor-in chief. Certainly, India will win over Corona shortly but at the same time India should be ready to respond serious future threats of Communist-Jihadis nexus to save the idea of India from Communist onslaught.


By Dr A. Mohapatra

(Chairperson, Centre for Studies and Research in Diaspora (CSRD), Central University of Gujarat)

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