Friday, February 3rd, 2023 02:21:30

27 years of good governance bring back BJP with massive victory

Updated: December 8, 2022 5:47 pm
BJP has made a new record of victory with 156 seats.and PM Modi has been accepted as the brand ambassador of the BJP. True to its culture Gujarat always respects the guests but never gives its own home to the guest parties like the AAP. In fact now political pundits have candidly accepted that Gujarat has been a true laboratory of Hindutva. Even AAP today accepted that it is very difficult to destabilse the image of Modi in Gujarat. The fact of the matter is that today Gujarat is an exemplary developed state of India to make India a developed state.
Here, it is worth mentioning that the  Congress had won 149 assembly seats in 1985 under the leadership of Madhav Singh Solanki. At the same time, the BJP had won 127 seats in the 2002 elections when Narendra Modi was the CM. But with the present victory, BJP has broken both the records.  The interesting thing is that during the election campaign, PM Modi had said – Bhupendra will break Narendra’s record. This is exactly what is visible in the election results.

If we talk about the governments formed till now in Gujarat, then after the formation of the state in 1960 till 1975, the Congress government was there. The first non-Congress government was formed in 1975, but in the very next elections, i.e. in 1980, the Congress returned to power.
In Gujarat, after 15 years of 1975, i.e. in 1990, once again a non-Congress government was formed, but the real turning point came in 1995, when BJP formed the government on its own for the first time. Then Keshubhai Patel became the Chief Minister of the state. In 2001, the BJP removed Patel and made Narendra Modi the Chief Minister of Gujarat. After this, in 2002, 2007 and 2012, the BJP won the assembly elections under the leadership of Narendra Modi. Although the BJP had contested the last election in the state, i.e. 2017, also on the face of Modi, despite the survival of the government, its seats were reduced.
This time 64.3% voting took place in both the phases in the state. This is about 5% less than the last time’s 69.2%. In three out of the last five elections, the BJP lost and the Congress gained when the vote percentage fell. But this time, after 27 year’s rule in Gujarat, BJP registered 52.5 per cent vote share, whereas in 2017, BJP secured a vote share of 49.05 per cent. Against this backdrop, it is quite an impressive show. The reasons behind this spectacular show are Modi’s charismatic leadership, Bhupendra Patel’s visionary role as CM of Gujarat. Furthermore, all the sections of the society in Gujarat got the benefit of the welfare schemes of the central and state governments without any discrimination. BJP got the benefit of this in the election result. Through these schemes, BJP created a separate vote bank. In this, people from middle class to Dalit community remained connected with BJP, despite 27-year-old incumbacy factor. Through schemes like free ration, gas cylinder, scholarship, money transfer to farmers’ account and pension, BJP created such a vote bank that helped in its victory. And above all, CM Bhupendra Patel’s visionary leadership to protect and permeate Gujarat’s Asmita proved to be icing on the cake. Besides, the BJP fielded 40 new faces in this election.

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