Friday, 23 October 2020

Maharashtra: Over 5 lakh migrant labourers leave through 385 Shramik Special trains

Updated: May 21, 2020 9:35 am
More than five lakh migrant labourers have left Maharashtra through 385 Shramik Special trains to return to their native villages.

State Home Minister Anil Deshmukh today informed that a total of 325 Shramik Special trains were run till yesterday while 60 such trains departed from various stations today.

The Railways has been operating Shramik Special trains since 1st of May to transport migrants who have been stuck away from their home states in view of the Corona virus-induced lockdown.

Mr. Deshmukh informed that 187 trains have been sent to Uttar Pradesh, 44 to Bihar, 33 to Madhya Pradesh and 13 to Rajasthan besides a special train to West Bengal.

The Minister also clarified that the State Government is bearing the ticket fare and hence migrants do not have to pay anything.

Appealing to migrants not to rush to any railway station without a confirmed ticket, Mr. Deshmukh said, only those migrants, who receive a telephonic call from the State Government, should report to stations.

In a second such incident since the lockdown, thousands of labourers gathered at Bandra Terminus yesterday.

Many labourers claimed that they started for Bandra Terminus after receiving calls from the police saying they are selected to travel on the train for Purnia in Bihar.

Meanwhile, the Home Minister has informed that around 1,500 State Government employees will be deployed across 93 Police Stations in Mumbai to assist them in preparing list of migrants who wish to return home.

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